How To Become A Vendor Or Supplier With NNPC. Step By Step. The Complete Guide

by Bamidele Ogunberu Last updated on April 10th, 2018,

How To Become A Vendor Or Supplier With NNPC. Step By Step. The Complete Guide. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is changing its business processes to aggressively reposition the Corporation to a world class standard. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is the state oil corporation which was established on April 1, 1977.

Any Nigerian registered company that wishes to conduct business with NNPC requires to go through a registration process. This initiative is designed with the principal aim of entrenching transparency into the contracting and procurement process, enhancing excellence in vendor capabilities and increasing visibility of contract opportunities to indigenous contractors / suppliers with the following attendant benefits to the contracting community:

1.Registration fees abolished (for contracts with value 25M Naira and below)2.Multiple registration in NNPC business areas abolished (One Stop Shop Online registration)3.Briefcase contractors discouraged(contractors categorized into specific work areas ; etc

NNPC has a new strategy for managing contractors as part of its transformation initiative. Under the new initiative, contract Values have been grouped into two different financial thresholds:

  • 1.Contract values up to N 25m (Twenty Five Million Naira)
  • 2.Contract values above N25m (Twenty Five Million Naira)Contractors, vendors and suppliers who wish to operate within the threshold of N25m (Twenty Five Million Naira)are required to register with NNPC as per the requirements stated in Table A. While, those who wish to operate above the threshold of N 25m (Twenty Five Million Naira) are required to be pre- qualified and registered with the Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NipeX) as per the requirements stated in Table B .

This registration will provide them access to both NNPC contracts and others in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.


All companies and other stakeholders who wish to explore for Oil and gas services in Nigeria.

Any company qualified under terms and conditions prescribed from time to time by the relevant Institutions is free to register for the grant or award of lease or contract, as the case may be, for the exploration and production of petroleum to the Management of Petroleum Resources.


  • Applicants must appear in person.
  • Applicant subjected to future evaluation by relevant division/ department
  • Entities that fail to meet complete the stated requirements are not be able to conduct business with NNPC until they perform the necessary activity.


  • A copy of bank Draft
  • A Copy of Current Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • A VAT Certificate
  • A Company Profile
  • A comprehensive Staff List and Curriculum Vitea of the key Staff,
  • A List of Equipments facility to the company.
  • DRP Endorsed Request for Expatriate Quota
  • Training Program for Nigerian Staff
  • Registration by relevant for professional body
  • A copy of technical agreement of MOU with Nigerian company/Department of Petroleum Resource Accredited laboratory.
  • Current Workmens compensation policy.


Step 1.Visit NNPC website ( to access registration form Step 2.Complete registration form online with particular attention to your area of specialization(s) Step 3.Upload statutory documents as follows:

  • Certificate of incorporation (CAC)/Registered Business name
  • 3 years current tax clearance certificate
  • DPR certificate (where applicable)
  • VAT Certificate (where applicable)
  • Reference letter from your bank
  • PENCOM certificate (where applicable)
  • Current ITF Registration certificate (where applicable)

Step 4.Submit Registration Form. Step 5.Verification and confirmation of documents provided (by NNPC) Step 6.Issuance of Registration Certificate to qualified contractors, vendors and suppliers (by NNPC)


a)No Registration fees required.b)This new method of contractors, vendors and suppliers registration will be hosted in NNPC website ( SCM department of all NNPC business areas shall manage the contractors, vendors and suppliers database on a continuous basis d)For further clarifications contact the nearest NNPC office,Supply Chain Management Department nation-wide.

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