10 People Reveal The Surprisingly Creative Ways They Make Their S/O Harny As Hell

by Kim Boateng Last updated on August 26th, 2017,
Pixabay / sasint
Pixabay / sasint

1. Pics of him doing chores

My hubby gave me a really saxy kiss before i left for work and then told me to keep an eye on my phone as he was going to keep the raunch factor high all day…

He then proceeded to send me pictures of him vacuuming, cleaning the dishes, doing the laundry etc.

— Citychic88

2. “Didn’t realize I unbuckled her belt…”

She wondered what people find alluring about lap dances and strip teases, so I gave her both. She was plenty interested…and didn’t even realize that I unbuckled her belt and had her shirt mostly unbuttoned.

— CrazyIrina

3. Hopefully he’ll have me for breakfast

I’m going to visit him next week (we’re long distance) and I’m going to make breakfast for him. I’m going to wear a saxy bra and panties but cover myself up with his jacket. I’m going to blindfold him and lead him to the kitchen where breakfast will served.

I hope that when he takes off the blindfold, he sees the food first, and then sees me with his jacket on & wonders what’s underneath…Then hopefully he’ll have me first for breakfast lmao

— fergiefergz

4. Random topics

My boyfriend once got really turned on because I talked about wrestling. I also had an ex who got super turned on because I said “democratic socialism”.

— jadesaddiction

5. Letting a little bit of me peak out…

With my ex it was awfully funny. He always says I look very regal and act it as well. One day I was wearing a cut up DIY shirt with a wide neck so it rested on my shoulders. I absent mindlessly pulled it down and he stops what he’s doing and I kid you not Shudders a little and just stares entranced…..xD I don’t how my facial expression was at the time but wow he wanted to jump me immediately!!!

To summarize hmm how to say this??? Wearing clothing that covers you up and just hmm letting a bit peek out? It could be you foot, ankle, collarbone I don’t know. Hahahahaha sorry if this to weird or very low key simple

— kinkitty773

6. Literature

Apparently passionately talking about Stephen King for 2 hours did it for my husband last night.

— LouveMonstre

7. Make him feel special

Sax is mostly mental. I like making sure he feels like the only other person in the world before the clothes come off. Mechanical actions and a technical approach will be about as satisfying as sleeping with a robot.

But then, I have a very Tantric approach to sax.

— RadBenjamin

8. Saxy pics are key

It’s not really new, but I think it’s fun to send him saxy pics when hes at work.

— BourbonBaristaBelle

9. Starting wearing less and less

For a week I started wearing less and less in the morning till I started making breakfast in the raciest lingerie I had. It was hilarious, at first she just gave me weird looks that turned into this hungry stare. By the end of the week she was up before I was.

— Wildernessinabox

10. Humiliate

We’re into mild BDSM and he gets really turned on if I have male ‘slaves’ (consensual) who buy me things and whom I humiliate.

— md_eleonore

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