80 Thoughts Every Person With Anxiety Has On a Regular Basis

by Kim Boateng Last updated on April 9th, 2018,


1. Have I worded this text correctly?
*Re-reads text.*

2. What is the proper emoji? And are exclamation points too eager?
*Re-reads text again.*

3. Do I send it?
*Sends it.*
*Re-reads text after sending it.*

4. Why are they taking so long to answer?
*Re-reads text.*

5. How long has it been?
*Looks at the time.*

6. Maybe they don’t have their phone on them?

7. I wonder if they took this the wrong way?

8. Do I send another text?

9. Are they mad?

10. Maybe they are mad about something else?
*Thinks back…*
*Completely makes up the situation.*


*Sees someone I had a falling out in the past with.* 
11. Do I say something?

12. I wonder if they’ve forgiven me?

13. I haven’t even forgiven myself for it.

14. I hope they aren’t still mad.

Every situation

15. Am I overthinking this?

16. Or are my analytical skills so spot on I’m right?

17. Am I going to lose my friends and/or relationship over this?

General worries

18. Did I turn off the stove?

19. Did I lock the door?

20. Turn around to double check.

In School

21. I have so much to do I haven’t even started yet.
*Cries because of how overwhelmed I feel.*

22. Did I prepare enough for this?

23. I need to get an A.

24. I should have prepared more.

25. What if I fail?

26. What will happen then?


*Says yes to everything, bites off more than I can chew.*

27. Will I get everything done?

28. Will I let people down?

29. Can I do this?

In the Workplace

30. Am I pulling my weight?

31. Can I do more?

32. Do my co-workers like me?

33. I hope they like me.

34. Did I mess up?

35. Will this get me fired?

Social Media

*Sends Snapchat*
*Sends Snap Message*
*Likes something on Facebook*
*Likes something on Instagram*
*Tags someone on Instagram*
*Sends a message on Facebook*
*Comments on a photo*
*Read Receipt = Worst Nightmare*
*Using Dating Apps*

Who is going to be the first to say something and will they answer?

*Regrets every form of contact that isn’t reciprocated.*
All leads to overthinking everything and wonder if it’s something more.*

Going to bed.

*Doesn’t sleep.*

36. What is on tomorrow’s to-do list and schedule?

37. Will there be enough time?

*Worries too much about the future.*

*Thinks too much about the past.*
*Thinks about mistakes.*
*Beats myself up over the things and people I might’ve wronged.*
*Constantly worries about people leaving.*

38. I can’t go to sleep!

39. I’m exhausted it’s 3 am.
*Finally falls asleep.*
*Wakes up tired a few hours later.*

Meeting someone new

40. Should I just turn the other way and end this before it begins?

41. Can I send the first text?

42. Am I coming on too strong?

43. Am I caring too much?

44. Should I apologize for X?

45. Will they cancel?

46. I wonder what they really think of me?

47. I wonder if I’ll mess this up?
*Replays old relationships fearing history repeating itself.*

Dating and relationships

48. Are they cheating?

49. Who are they talking to?

50. Is it an ex?

51. Will this end?

52. Will I get hurt?

53. I know this situation is nothing but it’s still upsetting me.

54. Will they think I’m crazy if I tell them what I’m worried about?

55. I’m afraid to open up to them.

56. Being vulnerable is a sign of weakness.

At a party

57. I’m a bit overwhelmed right now with this crowd.
*Watches everyone very closely, observing.*
*Looks for someone to talk to.*

58. I wonder if people realize how uncomfortable I am?

59. I wonder if people even want me here?
*Drinks entirely too quickly*
*Starts to feel more comfortable.*
*Starts talking to everyone.*
*Keeps drinking.*
*Wakes up the next day regretting it.*

60. Did I make an ass of myself last night?

61. Did I offend anyone?

62. Should I apologize?

63. Do they hate me for this?
*Calls someone to apologize.*


64. Why haven’t I heard from so and so in a while?

65. I wonder if they’re mad at me.
*Values current friends more than they know.*
*Tells exact details of something that happened.*
*Analyzes every possible angle and draws different conclusions.*
*Friends reply with, ‘you’re thinking too much.’*
*Counts blessings for friends who haven’t left.*
*Says thank you too often.*
*Shows appreciation through gestures.*


66. They accept me but I know they worry about me more than I worry about everything.

67. I hate disappointing them.

68. I don’t feel good enough sometimes.
*Compares self to siblings.*

69. Can I do more or be more successful?

70. If something happened to them I don’t know what I’d do.
*Thinks about worst case scenario and almost breaks down.*

Running late

*Hits every red light*
*Curses at self.*

71. I should have left earlier.

72. I should have gotten up earlier.

73. I hate being late.
*Checks clock every five minutes.*

When anything goes wrong

*Breaks down in private, completely falling apart over something outside my control.*

Every day

74. I hate that I’m like this.

75. I wish I could think less.

76. I wish I cared less.

77. I wish my mind would slow down.

78. I wish I’d stop worrying.

79. But this is who I am.

80. I have to accept this.
*Goes to sleep.*
*Does it all again tomorrow.* 


Kim Boateng

Kim Boateng

With a Degree in Environmental Sciences, Kim the self professed jack of all trades and master of some simply "goes there" and brings a level of attention and detail to Nigeria Circle's quest for excellence in investigative journalism that sets her apart. Before journalism she worked in Safety, Quality Assurance and Control in several industries.

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