Airport Pet Terminals Exist, So Now Your Furry BFF Can Travel Worry-Free

by Ike Obudulu Last updated on February 23rd, 2017,

John F. Kennedy Airport in New York is getting a brand-new terminal for animals. The ARK at JFK is going to be a beautiful facility for animals of all kinds — from baby pups to big horses. It’s going to be 178,000 square feet on 14.4 acres. The facility will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to care for your pets at all times — before and after flights.

the ark at jfk


It’s going to have a bunch of crates and living spaces for these animals to hang out in, as well as ample room for larger animals.

Horses will have a space for quarantine after international travel, and they’re helpful for understanding travel laws with animals.

It will also have a crazy spa space where animals can chill. The spa will have things like grooming, massage therapy and bone-shaped pools. Animal pals can get “pawdicures with colored nail pawlish.”

ark at jfk

The Ark

There’s a “top dog suite” where dogs can sleep in big beds, watch TV and talk to their owners via webcams.

And don’t worry: They’ll have framed photos of their owners so they never forget who locked them into this facility away from home overnight.

The ARK at JFK is a $65 million project that is supposed to be finished later this year.

ark at jfk


It all sounds great except for, uh… hold up one second: The dog gets a human-sized bed and I’m just supposed to curl up on a pleather chair and stick it out?

I mean, OK, if you’ve ever flown through John F. Kennedy airport — and you’ve also been to any other airport — you know it sucks.

New York airports are notoriously terrible. It’s one thing Trump and me actually agreed on.

The ARK is a private project, so I can’t be that mad, but honestly? What the heck?


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