It’s Okay to Get Help: 3 Times Therapy Can Help

by Kim Boateng Last updated on August 26th, 2017,

therapyLife is hard. It seems silly to say but so many people have the idea that they should be able to seamlessly maneuver through life without any obstacles but that’s just not the case. Life, for everyone, no matter the circumstance, is difficult. People shouldn’t feel upset or discouraged when they’re struggling, because everyone goes through hard times, but rather search for positive ways to change their situation around for the better.

Therapy sometimes gets a bad rep from people, but the benefits are truly remarkable. Sometimes, even when life seems like it’s thrown every negative situation your way at once, the best thing you can do is talk to someone other than your own thoughts. No matter what life issues you’re struggling with, it’s important that you know one simple rule: It’s okay to get help.

Relationship Issues

Going through a breakup after a long-term relationship or a divorce can feel like the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do, and in some cases, it certainly is. But even someone going through the most difficult divorce of all time can come back from that and be happy again. It’s not going to take an hour or one week. You have to be realistic about it. If you’re serious about addressing these problems and get the right therapy, the pain will eventually decrease every day and you’ll get back to feeling great again, sometimes even better than before.

Family Issues

Difficult issues aren’t always related to struggling couples. Families with happily married parents and nice kids can have serious stresses and feel overwhelmed, too. Ignoring these issues is one of the worst things you can do as a family. If you do, the problems will only get worse over time and end up causing serious damage to your family. Working with experienced professionals in counseling services can help get through some of these difficult situations families find themselves in.

Individual Issues

The tricky part about life is that it can still bring you down even when everything seems like it’s going great. There are people out there with amazing jobs, plenty of friends, a great love life, close relationship with their family, and plenty of free time, yet they still feel incredibly lost and upset. These negative feelings can happen to anyone at any time and it’s important to address them and not just ignore them. Handling these issues through individual counseling can actually lead to solutions that will positively change your life.

If you’re dealing with these kinds of issues, it’s usually a good idea to work with a licensed family and marriage therapist, as they cost 20 to 40% less than a psychiatrist or psychologist.

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