Man Tried To Kill Wife After Drunkenly Dreaming She Cheated On Him

by Samuel Abasi Last updated on April 7th, 2018,

Last Saturday night, 49-year-old Conrad Rudalavage woke up from a “bad dream,” in which his wife apparently cheated on him. Upon waking up and believing the nightmare to be real, the Pennsylvania man then attempted to kill her by grabbing her around the throat and strangling her.
According to a police report, as Rudalavage began choking his wife, Lori Williams-Rudalavage, he said, “I loved you. Now I am going to kill you.”

Mugshot of Conrad Rudalavage

During the struggle, Rudalavage’s 17-year-old daughter returned home with a friend, by chance, as the attack against her mother was happening.

The Times reports that, as she tried to intervene, Rudalavage began to choke her as well “and twisted her arm to free her cellphone, which he then smashed.”

Fortunately, his daughter was able to escape and quickly ran to a neighbor’s residence with her friend to call for help. The neighbor then successfully pulled Rudalavage off his wife and ended the assault.

Police arrived around 10:30 pm to find Williams-Rudalavage in the home of Lackawanna County Detective Michelle Mancuso (the victim’s sister-in-law), suffering from “severe swelling” and bruising to her head and neck.

She is now reportedly in stable condition.

police officer walking away from police car in sun

Rudalavage somehow fled the scene while the officers tended to his wife and daughter, but officers eventually chased him down, arrested him, and initially charged him with a variety of crimes, including aggravated assault.

Police officers also noted he “smelled strongly of alcohol,” and they reported he had been drinking earlier that evening.

Due to Mancuso being personal connected to the incident as a relative and a witness, Lackawanna County District Attorney Shane Scanlon has asked the state Attorney General’s office to take over prosecuting Rudalavage.

Rudalavage is currently in Lackawanna County Prison without bail, facing charges of attempted homicide and “other unspecified charges.”

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