This Pizza Delivery Girl Got These Creepy Texts From A Customer Who Couldn’t Take No For An Answer

by Ike Obudulu Posted on January 25th, 2017

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Women face so much god damn harassment in this world and it’s all awful. But this story is a unique brand of bleeped up.

Imgur user tabithaaatutt6 is a pizza delivery girl at Papa Johns. She delivered a pizza to some dude last Sunday, and when she was leaving to get back into her car, he took a picture of her ass.

She didn’t pursue anything at the time, but then the next day he started texting her:

via Imgur
via Imgur

In this first exchange, she is being MORE than polite to this creeper. She makes it clear that she only texted him for work (probably to let him know she was there with his delivery) and that she did not want any personal conversation with him.

And he reads that as, “Let me keep going and be even more creepy.”

via Imgur
via Imgur

He’s like, “Oh I feel so bad that you were out in that weather…except, wait, I ordered the pizza LOL.”

But instead of realizing he’s an idiot, he decides to threaten her:

via Imgur
via Imgur

Her only response was a screenshot of the Wikipedia entry for “blackmail”.

tabithaaatutt6 went on to clarify that she would NEVER talk to a customer in such a way, but after taking a picture of her butt and sending her off-the-clock messages, this dude was no longer a customer:

Okay, I realize that this makes me look bad but hear me out – he took a picture of my ass when I was leaning in my car to get his pizza and I was still pretty pissed about it.

This was an “unprofessional” response and I would like to clarify I would never have said any of this to a customer while working, but when you saxually harass an employee and then text them outside of work (he got my number because he wasn’t at home when I tried to deliver his pizza and had to call him), the employee no longer has any obligation to treat you as a customer.

We haven’t been able to find anybody, as of yet, who would support this creepy scumbag in reporting a female employee for defending herself. Good for her!

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