Why Young Men Fantasize About Their Stepmoms

by Kim Boateng Last updated on February 17th, 2018,

What seems as an abomination in past has gradually eating deep into the fabrics of today’s societies? Young men are nursing s.exual feeling with a stepmom or probably doing her.
Most major P.orn sites have declared ‘stepmom’ is their most popular search term.

Usually the recipients of bad press and ‘wicked’ fairy-tale description, it seems there’s something titillating about stepmoms too. The popularity of this penchant for stepmom p.orn may seem bizarre, but there are plenty of strange fetishes out there for which there are explanations.

Why ARE People into That?

Tina Horn gave an explanation to this worrisome development, Tina describes it as a sort of acceptable way of having an in.cest fetish.
“In.cest, but it’s technically not in.cest. She’s not your biological mom. As if that matters in a fantasy.”

With a stepmom fetish, people who indulge in the fantasy dodge feeling about fantasizing about a member of the family.
It’s also apparently related to the M.ILF fetish. As for why p.orn itself is so popular, Tina explained:

“There’s an element of voyeurism. What people are curious about in p.orn…versus what they actually like to do or want to do don’t always match up.

“You could go on your partner’s laptop and discover a bunch of videos of spanking, for example, but that doesn’t mean your partner necessarily wants to try that sh*t.
“They might just want to know what’s that about.”
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