Katsina State To Establish Black-Oil Refinery – Commissioner

by Samuel Abasi Posted on July 30th, 2017

Alhaji Abubakar Yusuf, Katsina State commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Tourism, disclosed on Sunday that the State Government will establish a Black-Oil Energy refinery in Mashi Local Government Area. Black oil is what’s left over after a refinery has gotten all the gasoline, diesel and other fuels it can out of a barrel of crude. It’s mainly used as bunker fuel oil, which runs the engines on large ships and some kinds of power plants.  Another form of black oil, known as carbon black, is used as a feedstock for plants that make rubber and printer toner.

Alhaji Abubakar Yusuf made the disclosure during the inauguration  of PVC and vinyl tube production lines at Kankia Metal Works. He said that approval had already been granted for the requested hectares of land to that effect. Yusuf said that all stakeholders were working round the clock to reach important industrial destination.

He said that the state was blessed with both human and other resources to attain desired sustainable development in the areas of agriculture, mining, manufacturing, construction and general commercial undertakings.

The commissioner also said that the government had approved a piece of land to SASCO Limited for the establishment of a meat processing factory in Mai’adua Local Government Area.

He said that the factory  would operate on complete value chain as well as forward and backward production integration system.

Abubakar further revealed that the Kaolin factory in Kankara Local Government Area would start operation in 2018. He noted that the state has capacity to excavate kaolin of high quality for domestic consumption and export.

Products of oil refinery

Refining involves separating hydrocarbons into groups of products with similar boiling points (known as oil fractions).

Petrols evaporate at ambient temperatures. Lubricating oils only evaporate at over 400°C. The different oil cuts separated by this process are cleared of the impurities present in crude oil.

Compounds which are useful for the chemical industry, in particular solvents and plastics, are also separated out.

The overall consumption of petroleum products and their different usages: transport, heating, electricity generation, household products, varies considerably from one country to another.


Black oil, the left over after a refinery has gotten all the gasoline, diesel and other fuels it can out of a barrel of crude is a relatively small market. Shippers handle about 14 million barrels of black oils per day, compared with about 86 million barrels per day for the total global crude market.

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