List Of Prices Of 18 Essential Goods/Services Before Recession And Now

by Bamidele Ogunberu Last updated on April 13th, 2017,


It is no longer news that prices of essential/goods have shot up due to the recession the country is currently grappling with and which has brought about inflation on the prices of goods in Nigeria.

The prices of the essential goods/services before and after recession have been compiled below;

1.) Rice
Doubled in price as it went from N10,000 to N20,000 on the average per bag.

2.) Beans
Which is widely accepted to be the brother of rice went up from N18,000 to N27,000 per bag.

3.) Vegetable Oil

25 litres of this essential commodity went from N6,500 to N13,000 – a 100 percent increase. Price of Palm Oil also doubled, from N5,000 to N10,000

4.) Yam Flour

Popularly known as Elubo, yam flour which is used to make Amala saw an increment of N20,000 as the price changed from N40,000 to N60,000

5.) Garri
Our dear garri, one of the most common food in the land went from N8,000 to N12,000 per bag

6.) Flour

50Kg of flour has gone up from N8,640 to N10,800 and which has inevitably led to increase in the prices of puff puff, buns, meatpie among others.

7.) Semovita and wheat

10 kg of the above two went from N1,800 to N3,600

8.) Cooking gas and Kerosene

Gas of 12.5Kg went from N2,400 to N3,700, while Kerosene went from N150 per liter to N225 per liter.

9.) Cement

Even cement went up from N1,500 to N2,300.

10.) Chicken and Turkey

Chicken of 1kg went from N650 to N1200, while Turkey of 1Kg went from N700 to N 1,400.

11.) Bread

The smallest loaf of bread that usually sold for N70 now goes for N100

12.) Egg

A full crate of egg now goes for N850 as opposed to its former price of N700

13.) Indomie

A carton of indomie went up from N1, 400 to N2,400 and the smallest Indomie size went from N60 to N80.

14.) Transportation

Transportation also took a massive hit as normal bus fares of N50 have gone up to N70 and the ones of N100 now N150. The aviation sector also has its fair share of inflation as local ticket prices that were formally as low as 12,000 now starts from N20,500 if you book in advance. Lagos to the USA that used to cost between N350,000 and N400, 000 now costs between N600,000 and N700,000, while Lagos – London flights have gone from N250,000 to minimum N400,000.

15.) Auto sector

The automobile sector too is affected as Tokunbo (fairly used) vehicles that had price tags of between N500,000 and N600, 000 now sell for at least between N1.3 million and N1.5 million.

16.) Insecticides

Insecticides like Raid for example have even been affected as it now goes for N830 as opposed to N450

17.) Sanitary pad

Always sanitary pad (14 pieces) is now N600 – N650. It used to be between N250 – N350.

18.) Condoms

Durex Condoms now go for N700 from N500

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