Nigeria Asks Unemployed To Register Online Starting Wednesday

by Bamidele Ogunberu Last updated on April 15th, 2017,

Nigeria Asks Unemployed To Register Online Starting Wednesday. According to the Deputy Director, Information & Public Relations, National Directorate of Employment (NDE), Edmund Onwuliri, the Federal Government will commence the online registration of unemployed persons in the country on Wednesday.

This is in compliance with the third mandate of the NDE which requires it “to obtain and maintain a data bank on employment and vacancies in the country with a view to acting as a clearing house to link job seekers with vacancies in collaboration with other government agencies.”

Onwuliri said the framework for the online registration, being handled by the Directorate has been completed and ready for lunch; adding that the NDE has also completed the framework for the electronic registration of unemployed persons in Nigeria.

He said:

“The online portal which goes live on Wednesday April 5, 2017, is designed to capture the relevant details of any unemployed person. It will equally serve as a job exchange portal that will link job seekers and employers.There will be a practical demonstration of the workings of the portal at the NDE stand at the on-going 28th edition of the Enugu International Trade on Thursday April 6, 2017. However, the portal can be accessed by logging on to The Directorate sees this initiative as a bold step towards deepening the effectiveness of its employment creation strategies and a critical input into the process of designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and schemes.”

The online portal will also serve as a meeting point for job seekers and employers thereby reducing the cumbersome process of recruitment among employers of skilled labor in the private and public sectors.

The development is a part of the government quest to keep a robust data base for unemployed persons and provide jobs.

The NDE as a directorate was set up to curb unemployment in Nigeria and has recorded a mixed bag of successes and continuing challenges.

The NDE has trained more than 2 million unemployed Nigerians, provided business training for not less than 400,000 people, vocational training in up to 90 different trades, (and) assistance to more than 40,000 unemployed to set up their own businesses.

The Directorate has organized labour-based groups through which 160,000 people benefited.

According to NDE official reports, between 2005 and 2009, 599,405 person were empowered nationwide under the various programmes and schemes of the NDE. In addition, there were 171,253 beneficiaries of NDE programmes and schemes nationwide in 2010. In 2011, 159,076 persons benefited from NDE programmes.

An average of about 108,000 people joined the programmes of the NDE annually (meaning that by 2016, the NDE would have directly created more than 3.2 million jobs over the 30 years of its existence). This large number would have joined the swelling ranks of the unemployed without the presence of the NDE.

The NDE is faced with some challenges. These challenges affect its operation and, consequently, its service delivery. These include inadequate funding and late release of funds from the Federation Account, managerial deficiency, policy distortions and corruption.

Today’s announcement by the NDE further raises the question of duplication of efforts with the statutory roles of the federal ministry of labour and productivity in the area of compilation of statistics on the unemployed in the country and claims to maintain a data bank of these as well as matching applicants with vacancies.

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