Singapore Won WSDC: Governor Obiano Announces That Nigeria Won

by Kim Boateng Last updated on April 12th, 2018,

Awka, Nigeria: Nigeria was eliminated in the preliminary rounds of WSDC after winning one and losing six. Team Singapore became three time world champions after it defeated defending champion and five time world champions Team England at the grand final stage of World Schools Debating Championship 2017 in Bali Indonesia. Singapore defeated team USA at the semifinals while Team England defeated Team South Africa to set up a final clash with Singapore.

Team Nigeria was eliminated in the preliminaries having won one debate and lost six. In the preliminaries Nigeria defeated Barbados (3:0) and lost  (0,3) to Singapore, Kuwait, South Korea, Philippines and England. Nigeria also lost (1,2) to Wales.
Team Nigeria was ably represented by Akwue Frances, Chigozie Nneka, Enogu Chinonye, Eze Obianuju, Udorji Nnamdi.

Strangely, the Governor of Nigeria’s Anambra State Announced that Nigeria won. Below is part of the information posted on the state official TV network:

“Governor Obiano has handed out the sum of 1million as reward to the victorious State Debate Team from Indonesia and two pupils of Anambra origin who scored highest in this year’s Federal common entrance examinations. Governor Obiano gave out the sum when he received both groups during yesterday’s State Executive Council meeting held at the Governor’s Lodge, Amawbia. The Anambra Debate Team comprising 3 students of secondary schools in the State, won the just concluded World Schools Debating Championship held in Bally, Indonesia where 53 countries participated. Each of the students received cash prize of 100,000 each while their two coaches got 150, 000 each”.

Also on the website is a photo of the team with the Governor, holding signs that say “world champion” and “we won”. A picture they say is worth a thousand words.

Photo: Singapore Won WSDC 2017 Governor Obiano Announces That Nigeria Won

Just in case you are wondering, it is the same country in which President Buhari’s spokesman said the President is working from home because rats ate his office while he was on medical vacation.

World Schools Debating Championship: Split Decision Goes To Wales (2) Vs Nigeria (1) In Nail Biter

BALI, INDONESIA: Team Wales came out on the winning side of a 2-1 split decision in their Round 4 nail biter against team Nigeria at the ongoing World Schools Debating Championship taking place in Bali Indonesia. Two of the judges gave the thumbs up to the Welsh while one judge gave it to team Nigeria. Both Teams put up a superb performance in an excellent debate on war commemoration.

The Round 4 teams do not get to know the topic before hand as the topic is announced 1 hour before the debate commences. The team to debate in support of and the team to debate against whatever topic the judges bring up is known well in advance. Team Nigeria was chosen to argue for in this case while Team Wales was chosen ton argue against.

Team Nigeria next sets it’s sights on a Round 5 show down with Team South Korea.

World Schools Debating Championship Bali 2017: Nigeria (3) Roll Past Barbados (0)

BALI, INDONESIA: Today, was a good day for Team Nigeria participating in the World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC) currently going on in Bali, Indonesia as they beat their opponent, Team Barbados to 3 – 0 in a preliminary round of debate.

In a motion titled “This House would deny tax-exempt status to religious institutions that refuse to appoint female leaders”, the Team Nigeria showed the stuff they were made of when in clear, logical and analytical manner they opposed the motion, clearing defeating their Barbados counterparts with all three judges unanimously giving them victory.

The 2017 World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC) is taking place from August 1 to August 11 in Bali, an island in Indonesia with the reputation as an international tourism destination known for its natural beauty and unique culture heritage.

The tournament is hosted by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture in collaboration with The Jakarta Post Foundation.

Team Wales And Team Nigeria

Participants from all across the globe are taking part in WSDC Bali 2017. As the WSDC attracts more nations to participate each year, the local organizing committee in Indonesia made preparations to accommodate up to 700 people consisting of debaters, adjudicators, coaches, and observers.

In line with the WSDC rule, each nation may send one delegation that will be the official representative of their nation to compete in WSDC Bali 2017.

The championship applies the 3-on-3 debate format, in which each debater has 8 minutes for their speeches while reply speech lasts for 4 minutes. Each team can consist of 3 to 5 debaters. Before the grand final round, there will be 8 preliminary rounds, the partial doubleoctofinals, the octofinals, the quarterfinals, and the semifinals.

Serving as Co-Chief Adjudicator of WSDC Bali 2017 is Kip Oebanda from the Philippines. In addition to his extensive experience in debate adjudication, Kip has also served as member of the panel during WSDC. Cape Town 2012 and WSDC Antalya 2013. At the moment, the local organizing committee of WSDC Bali 2017 is still looking for someone else to be Kip’s Co-Chief Adjudicator.

Anambra and Ebonyi States students make up the Team Nigeria and are doing Nigeria proud in Indonesia.

Team Nigeria is made up of the following students – Chiagozie Nnamdi Udorji, (Anambra) Precious Nneka Chigozie (Anambra), Chidimma Frances Akwue (Anambra), Josephine Chinonyelum Paschaline Enogu (Ebonyi), and Obianuju Blessing Eze (Ebonyi)

A highly elated Team Manager and the Coordinator of the President’s Schools Debate Nigeria (PSDN), Elder Dare Oritu, in reacting to the victory said: “I am very proud of Anambra and Ebonyi States from where we drew our Team Nigeria. It is a clear that they are not pushovers.”

Meanwhile, Nigeria at this event is bidding to host the World Schools Debating Championship in 2019. We excitedly await the outcome of the bid.

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