Mariah Carey Transcends Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis

by Kim Boateng Posted on April 12th, 2018

New York City, USA: Pop Diva, Mariah Carey, 48, revealed in a People magazine interview that she suffers from bipolar disorder, a mental illness formerly known as manic depression.

“I didn’t want to believe it… Until recently I lived in denial and isolation and in constant fear someone would expose me. It was too heavy a burden to carry and I simply couldn’t do that anymore. I sought and received treatment, I put positive people around me and I got back to doing what I love writing songs and making music,” Mariah Carey said.

Mariah said she was first diagnosed with the disorder in 2001, when she was hospitalized for a physical and mental health breakdown.

The Singer and songwriter is now in therapy and taking medication for bipolar II disorder.  Bipolar disorder, a form of major affective disorder, or mood disorder is defined by manic or hypomanic episodes. Hypomanic episodes, by definition, involve changes from one’s normal mood accompanied by high energy states while Mania often involves sleeplessness, sometimes for days, along with hallucinations, psychosis, grandiose delusions, or paranoid rage.

While mania is the main characteristic of bipolar I disorder, bipolar II has milder periods of elation known as hypomania. It also has episodes of major depression

“I’m actually taking medication that seems to be pretty good. It’s not making me feel too tired or sluggish or anything like that. Finding the proper balance is what is most important,” she said.

“For a long time I thought I had a severe sleep disorder. But it wasn’t normal insomnia and I wasn’t lying awake counting sheep. I was working and working and working I was irritable and in constant fear of letting people down. It turns out that I was experiencing a form of mania. Eventually I would just hit a wall. I guess my depressive episodes were characterized by having very low energy. I would feel so lonely and sad even guilty that I wasn’t doing what I needed to be doing for my career,” she added.

Carey, who is raising her 6-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan, born of her marriage to Nick Cannon, said she decided to come forward because she wanted to remove the stigma attached to the bipolar disorder – which will encourage those who may be exhibiting symptoms to seek help.

“I’m just in a really good place right now, where I’m comfortable discussing my struggles with bipolar II disorder. I’m hopeful we can get to a place where the stigma is lifted from people going through anything alone. It can be incredibly isolating. It does not have to define you and I refuse to allow it to define me or control me,” she said.

Furthering the conversation, Carey shared the cover with her more than six million Instagram followers Wednesday morning. “I’m grateful to be sharing this part of my journey with you,” she captioned the image.

I’m grateful to be sharing this part of my journey with you. @mrjesscagle @people : A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on Apr 11, 2018 at 3:58am PDT

Carey is not the only famed person publicly sharing their battle with the disease. Demi Lovato has been a mental health crusader, advocating for universal health care at the Democratic National Convention in 2016.

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones revealed she had bipolar disorder in 2011 and reportedly sought treatment in 2013, which earned kudos from Carrie Fisher who also shared the diagnosis. ” I love that she went in preventively,” Fisher said following an episode in 2013, “so that’s going to be what I do from now on.”

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