SeanCombs : BrotherLove Is Diddy Again

by Kim Boateng Posted on November 8th, 2017

Sean John Combs who posted a video over the weekend announcing a nickname change from Diddy to Brother Love now says he was only joking.

The rapper and producer on Twitter and Instagram says he learned “you cannot play around with the internet.” He says Love is one of his “alter egos.” Combs’ other nicknames over the years include Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy and Diddy. He now says he’ll answer to any of those names and also Love.

That’s the opposite of what he said in a video posted on his 48th birthday Saturday. He told fans in that message that was going by “Love, a.k.a. Brother Love” and wouldn’t answer to anything else.

EARLIER: Diddy Becomes “BrotherLove” & WWE’s BrucePrichard Starts Trending – Music mogul and Harlem New York native, who was born Sean John Combs, changed his moniker coincidentally on his birthday November 4th to ‘Brother Love’, from Diddy.

Brother Love wrote, “I decided to change my name again! My new name is LOVE aka Brother Love. #TakeDat.” In an Instagram video from an undisclosed beach. “I been praying on this and I decided…I knew it was risky cause it could come off as corny to some people. Like, ‘Yo.’ I decided to change my name again. I’m just not who I am before. I’m something different. So my new name is Love aka Brother Love. I will not be answering to Puffy, Diddy, Puff Daddy or any of my other monikers, but Love or Brother Love, ok.”

He captioned the video, “I did it again BREAKING NEWS!!!! MY NEW NAME IS LOVE OR BROTHER LOVE!!! Or NOTHIN!.”

The Harlem native isn’t setting any precedent here as it is well known that the Bad Boy for life can’t stop, won’t stop changing his name, as he has gone by his government name, Sean Combs, as well as the handful of aforementioned aliases during his career.

In 1997, Sean was known as “Puff Daddy.” A year later, he went back to using Sean John. In 1999, he flipped the script and started going by “Puffy.” After that, he used “P.Diddy” as his professional name and more recently he’s gone with the nickname “Diddy.” The last “name change” happened in 2014 when he announced he would be reverting back to Puff Daddy from Diddy for the release his new project, MMM.

These are a few of the celebratory greetings to the birthday boy:

Naomi Campbell On instagram and partly on Twitter with a link to instagram:

“iamnaomicampbell#happybirthday #brother @iamdiddy !! Your had Most incredible year Forbes 100 our only man representing , You inspire me everyday your desires your drive , your honesty and Loyalty is rare in the world we live in . I always know you are there . So on this very special day that #mamaCombs brought you into this world I wish you happiness health and continued success breaking the barriers in your discreet way . I love you !! many blessings on your vision and journey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??family #sista #blackexcellence #seancombsday”

Janelle Monáe, Cindi‏ Verified account @JanelleMonae : Cause the world just wouldn’t be the same without him . HBD @diddy !!! Love you -JM

Usher Raymond IV ‏Verified account @Usher : You remind us all of the importance of #blackexcellence and most importantly to “enjoy your f****in life”. Happy birthday big bro. @diddy

Donda’s House, Inc.‏Verified account @DondasHouse : Happy Bday to Brother Love @diddy! It’s a celebration everywhere! #cantstopwontstop

Ellen DeGeneres‏ Verified account @TheEllenShow : Happy birthday, @Diddy. Sending you love, wherever you are. I assume it’s on a boat.

Reverend Al Sharpton‏ Verified account @TheRevAl :Happy Birthday Diddy. I’ve watched you grow, as a kid you talked w/ Diana Ross & I at your party & you’re still reaching for higher heights.

Sno‏ Verified account @Jeezy : Happy G Day to my G @diddy Keep pushing the Culture.. we appreciate my G! Got #Bottlesup on repeat! We celebrating life! #SnowSeason

However, when the new moniker Brother Love, caught the attention of several World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE , fans, Bruce Prichard‏ not only called it a gimmick (whateever that means) , but said he owns the gimmick.

Other notable WWE fans trooped out to voice their opinions on twitter:

Bruce Prichard‏ Verified account @bruceprichard : Yo. Find a new gimmick. I invented and perfected Brother Love. I am the original and you are not. Remember North Carolina.

Justin LaBar‏ Verified account @JustinLaBar : Puffy, it’s already taken. Can’t do it better than @bruceprichard. Brother Love introduced Undertaker…who you got? Think before answering.

Sam Roberts Verified account @notsam : Why did no one tell me until now that @Diddy changed his name to Brother Love? Should be good for t shirts… well, you know.

Brian C. @Quaylow : When it comes to “Brother Love” aka @bruceprichard, accept no substitutes.

Brother Love: Active Diddy: Inactive

CoCo & Stu @CoCoandStu : You mean like the wrestling manager? That’s gimmick infringement.

Maurice Miller‏ @Maurice68993394 : @diddy Get a new gimmick #Puffer because the real #BrotherLove is and will always be @bruceprichard. Still a Sad Boy 4 Life! #TakeDat

7DS‏ @7DStudio1 @diddy : Happy birthday #BrotherLove

Reggie Mill‏ @1takefifarrock : Happy birthday to the big homie @diddy My fault Brother Love. #TakeDat

J o h n n y‏ @johnnymota23 : We are all tweeting about this which means my man LOVE knows how to keep current and stay in all our faces! #takedat

104.2 Nile FM‏Verified account @NileFM : Serious SERIOUS news. @diddy decided to change his name to..LOVE aka Brother Love.

Nigeria Circle News joins in wishing Brother Love a happy birthday. When you have as much money as the almost billionaire, who appears on the cover of XXL’s 20th anniversary issue, you can change your name to whatever the hell you want to. Bruce Prichard, what you got?. #takedat

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