Cops Find “World’s Dumbest Solar Panel Thief” Asleep At Crime Scene

by Kim Boateng Posted on September 14th, 2017

Lagos, Nigeria. Sept 14th: The Lagos state Police command has arrested a farmer named Usman Jubril, for allegedly vandalising a solar energy system installed in Badagry, Lagos State. The drunken suspect was apprehended by operatives of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) after he slept off at the scene of the crime. Usman Jubril later confessed to the crime.

Usman Jubril , however, said he acted under the influence of alcohol. The father of two explained that he had gone to have fun on the premises of the school on September 2, after selling his goods.

Usman Jubril said,
”I bought three bottles of gin and went with them to the school to watch a football match. I drank everything and took 500ml tramadol. In drunken stupor, I threw a stone at the glass housing the solar system and it broke.

I went inside the facility and slept off. I smoke Indian hemp, but that was the first time I would take alcohol. It was the drink that affected my faculty. I didn’t even know how I got to their (NSCDC) custody.”

Photo: Cops Find World’s Dumbest Solar Panel Thief Usman Jubril Asleep At Crime Scene

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Commandant in Lagos State, Tajudeen Balogun, said men of the command had received several complaints about the vandalism of solar energy facilities in some public schools in the state.

Cops Find “World’s Dumbest Robber” Asleep At Crime Scene

Abilene, Texas, USA. A man accused of tying his roommate up and holding him at gunpoint before stealing $60 has been arrested after he was found asleep at the scene. Kanyoni Sedekiya, 20, was taken into custody on Friday after the botched robbery in Abilene, west Texas. He allegedly strapped his victim to a bed with duct tape, binding his feet and hands. When Kanyoni Sedekiya apparently fell asleep, the victim then freed himself and escaped to a neighbors house from where he called the police.

Kanyoni Sedekiya

When police officers arrived, they discovered Kanyoni Sedekiya still asleep on the sofa with a gun in his lap. They knocked on the door, only for Sedekiya to turn off the lights and refuse to open up. Police then secured the perimeter and an arrest warrant before a SWAT team arrived.

Kanyoni Sedekiya eventually surrendered and is in Taylor County Jail with a $60,000 bond.

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