My Dog Shot My Sleeping Girlfriend. Man Tells Police

by Ike Obudulu Last updated on July 22nd, 2017,

When police asked a man how his girlfriend got shot in the leg, he blamed the dog. Jacksonville, Florida, police, responding to a 911 call about a shooting Tuesday night, met with Brian Murphy, who told them his dog Diesel had accidentally shot his girlfriend while she was in bed.

Murphy told officers he and his girlfriend, Summer Miracle, were sleeping when Diesel woke him up wanting to go outside. When Diesel and Murphy went back into the house, the dog led the way into the bedroom, he said. Murphy reported that he then saw a flash and heard a bang. He told police he thinks Diesel jumped up on a nightstand, causing a gun on it to fire. The bullet from Murphy’s gun hit Miracle in the leg. Murphy told police he covered Miracle’s wound with a towel before calling 911.

Miracle’s not sure how she was shot, according to The Beach Post. She told police she was asleep when the bullet struck her. Miracle was treated at a hospital for injuries that did not appear to be life-threatening.There was no word on whether charges would be filed.

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