Nigerian Pounded Yam “Therapy” Helps Anthony Joshua Cope With Disappointment of Klitschko Retirement

by Bamidele Ogunberu Posted on August 19th, 2017

IBF and WBA heavyweight champion, British Nigerian Boxer, Anthony Joshua has revealed the ‘massive’ sense of disappointment he felt when Wladimir Klitschko announced his retirement and ended their plans for a rematch in Las Vegas. Anthony Joshua had been expected to defend his titles against Klitschko in a lucrative match-up at the T-Mobile Arena on November 11.

Wladimir Klitschko’s unexpected announcement, at the age of 41 following his stoppage defeat by Joshua at Wembley, surprised the boxing community as much as Joshua, particularly as Anthony Joshua believes the Ukrainian still has more to give.

When Anthony Joshua was asked of the disappointment he felt when he was told the news about his rival’s retirement, he said: ‘Massive. It was probably even a disappointment for his management, his trainer (Johnathon Banks).

“(Floyd) Mayweather’s the same age as Klitschko (the American is actually 40), Mayweather’s still going strong; Klitschko still had a good fight in him (in April’s defeat) and I’m sure he’s still got a couple of other good fights in him.”

World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, British Nigerian Boxer, Anthony Joshua is taking his disappointment in good stride as he gushed over a meal of Nigerian pounded yam and vegetable stew soup with meat, the ultimate Nigerian ponded yam “therapy”. He also was elated that there were no vegans around him so he could enjoy the meat that came with the pounded yam in peace. He downed the heavy meal with a bottle of malt at the end.

He wrote:
“Big Man Ting ( BMT ) for the first time immy life !!! I looked at this food and.thought shall I take out the meat!!!!!! Jeesssunnnn baba a beg —remove these vegans from life !!!! Pounded yam an stew with no meat!!! Hoooo my God!! Gerrrr outt”

In the Other image he wrote:
“This meat is so tender!!!! Look at my eye!!!! PURE ENJOYMENT Chaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”

Pounded yam, is one of the Nigerian fufu “swallow” meals made either from boiled white yams and pounded or by putting white yam flour powder in boiling water while the water is being stirred. It’s made as an accompaniment for Nigerian soups. Traditionally, pounded yam swallow is made by pounding but these days due to the stress involved in pounding yams, most people are drifting towards the powdered version as a quicker alternative.

Boiled white yams can also be blended in a blender to produce the paste which is the pounded yam, a delicacy cherished by Nigerians and people of Nigerian descent worldwide. Pounded yam fufu is argueably the most well known dish of Africa. Nigerians also make fufu from cassava, plantain and several plant flour powders like rice flour, farina, semovita, wheat flour etc.

In the Caribbean, Brazil and most of South America there is a similar dish, called Mofongo in Pueto Rico, that is made almost like pounded yam fufu. They use only plantains and sometimes cassava to make Mofongo. Pueto Ricans mash the plantain into a mush and serve it. But still, it’s amazing how close Pounded yam fufu is to Mofongo when served. Even the traditional mortar and pestle used for fufu is very similar to the ones used in Pueto Rico, Brazil and most of South America. I’m certainly loving the ways this trip is broadening my understanding of how big a family we all are!

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