Plastic Surgery Patients Stuck At Airport Because Swollen Faces Don’t Match Passports

by Kim Boateng Posted on October 14th, 2017

A photo of three women who are reportedly from China has been garnering a lot of attention on the ether as they weren’t allowed through immigration at the airport because the faces on their passports do not match the real life post surgery faces. South Korea is famous for its plastic surgery tourism, especially for their expert plastic surgery procedures, so it is no surprise that people would flock there just to enhance some of their features. As with any surgery, there is naturally some downtime as the body needs some time to heal, but these few tourists from China did not take this matter into account.

As there was the recent Golden Week holiday in China, netizens surmised that these women had taken the opportunity to go there for a holiday to enhance their facial features with plastic surgery.

After looking at the photos of the three women, you would probably understand why they weren’t allowed through immigration as they looked like they were badly injured. With incredibly swollen faces that were wrapped up in gauze, these tourists were sitting in the airport holding their passports, but were not allowed to pass immigration.

Apparently the officers could not confirm their identity as their faces were swollen beyond recognition from the plastic surgery and looked totally different from their passport photos! Thus, they had no choice but to sit there in the airport while waiting for the immigration officers to verify their identity.

Once the photo was shared on social media, netizens were torn between laughter and pity for their situation. Some of them said, “With faces so swollen, even your own mother wouldn’t be able to recognise you.” Another said, “Forgive me, I don’t mean to laugh but their faces are really so swollen.”

One netizen advised, “Next time if anyone wants to schedule any plastic surgery, they should take into account the recovery period to avoid this problem.” Another also said, “South Korea should implement other methods to verify their identity instead, such as retinal scans.” But what if the person’s eyes are swollen, though?

Well, it definitely wasn’t a pleasant experience for them since having a swollen face isn’t very comfortable.

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