Shrekless Driving: Teen Pulled “Ogre” While “Shreking And Driving”

by Kim Boateng Posted on October 21st, 2017

Pasco County, Florida, USA: Twitter user haybay, a teenager, was pulled over by police while on her way home from school while wearing a face full of Shrek makeup. haybay shared a photo of herself made up to look like the titular green ogre from the series of DreamWorks Animation films.

“Ok so I got pulled over on my way home from makeup class,” she wrote.

Haybay didn’t provide any further details about the encounter with the traffic police but said she was “so scared.”

The tweet received more than 250,000 likes and was retweeted nearly 60,000 times.

The teen’s story reached Florida’s Pasco County Sheriff’s department which joked they were not the ones responsible for stopping her.

“Can confirm it was not us,” the department said. “But we sort of wish it had been.”

These are some hilarious responses:

Common Girl‏ @SoReIatable: you were probably going ogre the speed limit

Ryan Dalan‏ @dalanight (Pictured with her in the photo) : No Shreking and Driving

Hunter @HunterMurchison: @_haybayy don’t forget me now that you are famous

Twitter moments: When you get pulled over for shrekless driving. Haha Yesterday

holly 52‏ @hoIIyrose: my f****ng sister went viral for getting pulled ogre

sarah hoogenraadical‏ @HoogenPenguin: haybay @TheEllenShow haybay deserves ur love

kendy‏ @KendraElizabet2: Why is my best friend famous?

Annie Swierczek‏ @annie_swierczek: shoutout to our twitter famous santiago shark

Claire Elaine Amaya‏ @claireamaya: @TheEllenShow bring her on your show!! Let her story be heard!

george‏ @JorgeDavila12 Oct 18More george Retweeted haybay Okay ladies this is what you call art

ʀᴇɴ‏ @Iorenzo81: u got pulled ogre???

olivia‏ @oliviarden: Oh my god I am dying this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. HAHAHA

B r o o k l y n n .‏ @VivaLaBrooklynn: she must’ve gotten a ticket for shrekless driving

Common White Girl‏ @GirlPosts: IM CRYING

fat a** Kelly Price‏ @ImHypeWHO: lmaoooo that’ll do donkey, that’ll do

Spøøky kęrt‏ @kertgotclout: Going ogre the speed limit

Mya‏ @dude_itsmya: First of all, this is my swamp

Megs Ü‏ @meghanfreytag: Luckily she didn’t shrek her car

Abbey Beth Donaldson‏ @abbeyBdonaldson: Should have kept driving far far away

The Drunk Jake‏ @TheDrunkJake: Damn Rihanna wasn’t playing when she said she was releasing makeup for every skin tone

trey‏ @RF_IlI: Your going to jail and in the morning I’m making waffles!

Helena @hgrttn: Me on a good day

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