Woman Hits Streets With Placard Seeking Job For Husband & Everyone Asked The Same Question

by Kim Boateng Posted on September 16th, 2017

Lagos, Nigeria. Sept 16th. A woman who decided to take the bull by the horns, was spotted with a placard seeking for job for her husband on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria. The woman went for job hunt with her husband’s CV right in her bag as she stood under the sun in order to achieve her aim. She was spotted by a twitter user who posted the photos via his account sparking an online debate and variations of the same question(s) popping up.

The consistent theme is where is her husband and why is she not looking for a job too.

Here are some of responses on the ether:
@Unjinxt: Everybody is praising her but I see a frustrated woman that is doing what her husband won’t do. Hopefully he won’t say he no like d job

Yao Noah Nash‏ @nashmessiah: I declare job for ur husband now in Jesus name #Nigeria

Soso‏ @lushnani: Hope when he gets the job and is being paid. He remembers her. And won’t tell her,she’s not dressing well or crap. Cuz I’ve seen such happen


Charles Obi‏ @obiedu: What a woman!I hope the man is thoroughly deserving of her and appreciates her efforts.

Oshare‏ @Oghenekevwe: A woman won’t do that if the man is not deserving… So go away with ur negativity

Kadabra‏ @D_Nefertiti: Yes the man COULD be undeserving. The woman could do this as a result of frustration and especially if kids needs are involved.

Sammie @akadets: Hmmmm!!! What if she’s just a social media attention seeker??? #WhatIf

Kadabra‏ @D_Nefertiti: I never said he was not helping, I only said it was a possibility.

J. O. Osho‏ @John_binho: Just look at this amazing wife. May God answer her prayers

Simply MsBee‏ @MsBeesKitchen: May your prayers be answered. You are amazing!

Dr. Jay‏ @jaybrizzy: Dear Lord, may we never get to the point where our wives have to do this

@Akiinwale: God bless women like this on behalf of good and bad men

@Beanchesterr: What’s stopping the guy from holding the cardboard though??

KinG NomSo @ani_nomso: Lol i was wondering when ladies will question this good thing. Cos a man dont deserve good things. Rubbish

Kekeocha A.C‏ @toniochibu: Well done woman! Stand up for your man. Who told you all the husband is lazy?

Kolawole Olatunbosun‏ @kola2bosun: Lovely woman! May your prayers be answered.

@fizzywillz: WHAT a clever woman. She want a woman to take her husband. The job means take the lazy man to leave with you . NICE One.

@Ibrahim8235: Waoooo. God bless the woman that want the best for her husband.

Yemi Animashaun‏ @fontoro2: I wonder where the lazy drone of a husband is. She needs a new husband more than her husband needs a job.

Charles Udeze‏ @Charles_Udeze: This love ehn. God pls grant her heart desires

Sibahle Ngwenya‏ @mamtimande: I hope he gets a job. More than that I hope he’s not scratching his balls at home while she hustles.

PettySavage‏ @jire_xx:Good question. You see that man on bike driving off?? He’s the husband. Going to deliver cardboards to other wives!!!

Apple Store Abuja‏ @Ojesco: I admire women like this. For her it’s till death do us apart

Bin_dinar‏ @Alidinar2: God is great, this type woman still exists? May Allah grant your husband good job

TINALETC3 (f) : If she’s desperate, she wud hv sold her body and get d money herself,she is jst 2 Gud

Samie‏ @_shimuel: The man is probably probing from office to office while she plays her part this way.
I pray it all turns out well for them

Acidosis: This is total fu.ckery! I won’t appreciate this. Why can’t she find a job for herself?? I’m always very scared of desperate women that do anything (including 1000 days dry fasting and prayers) just to see that their husbands prosper. Many of them are intellectually lazy, skill-less, job-less, and selfish, yet they won’t stop being envious and desperate with their unusually high thirst for classy things. Two things are certain here: The husband is not jobless, he probably earns a little, and lastly, this woman did this without her husband’s consent.

wonlasewonie: Smh. so she cannot look for job for herself? undecided An unemployed wife is looking for job for her unemployed husband. Don’t go and look for job for yourself. Wait till he gets a job while you have to depend on him for finances whilst you are still searching for a job then you’ll understand the definition of misery and verbal abuse undecided
As some women are growing in age so is their foolishness growing with them

Photo: Woman Hits Streets With Placard Seeking Job For Husband and Everyone Asked The Same Question

Mesopotamia: Contrary to most people’s hasty assumption that the husband is lazy, what if the husband is/was also somewhere else on a job hunt?….. What if he’s a manual labourer somewhere but the pay ain’t just enough?….. What if he’s currently employed but his job is being threatened?…… There are so many “what if”…..A typical African man will never have allowed his wife do that coz of his pride….. Now,WHAT IF SHE DID IT WITHOUT HIS CONSENT??

Nigeria Circle News wishes this woman and her family everything they wish for themselves

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