Midwife Steals, Swaps Living New Born Baby For A Dead One Claiming Stillbirth – POLICE

by Kim Boateng Last updated on September 1st, 2017,

After initially claiming that a new born baby in her care was stillborn, a midwife has confessed to the Nigeria Police in Ifo, Ogun State to stealing a mother’s newborn baby and replacing the child with a dead one. The identity of the dead baby used to replace the stolen living baby is yet to be ascertained by the Ogun state Police command. She has also not revealed what happened to the living baby she stole.

The midwife had taken the baby away from the mother on the pretext the baby needed some special procedures that would require special monitoring away from the mother. According to an eyewitness, the midwife even tricked the mother-in-law of the new mother telling her to go home and get some new clothes for the baby and the mother-in-law complied.

The midwife supposedly brought the baby back after 12 years telling the mother the baby had died at birth. The mother raised an alarm when she realized the dead baby the midwife came back with did not have any semblace to the living baby she had given birth to. When her mother-in-law returned with clothes for the new baby she also confirmed that the now supposedly dead baby looked nothing like the baby she left a few hours earlier, alive and healthy.

The baby’s father together with the community chairman, elders and youth would have meted instant jungle justice on the midwife but for the quick intervention of the police. They have since stormed the police precinct where she is locked up demanding demanding the know what happened to the living baby she stole.

This is how an eyewitness who claims to be close to the family recalls events. For originality we will not edit her statement for proper grammer:

“My family friend delivered her baby by around 5pm. The mother in law was asked to go home to get cloths. When she returned with her son the doctor/midwife had left the hospital immediately after her delivery ask informed them by the two nurses on ground. The nurses wouldn’t account for the where about of the newly born.
The husband raised alarm. Community chairman, elders with the youth went to Ifo police, visited the place of delivery and only found the placenta and only one of the room was locked. The midwife was spoken with around 10pm after several calls and she admitted the baby was fine and alive.

The search team left the place around 11.30pm after waiting for the midwife who didn’t show up. The next morning 28th, they went back to that police station, that was when i was contacted. Then the woman was around there. We all went back to the hospital and in one of the rooms already searched, a dead baby was found which she claimed have been in the building all through 27th. She said the baby was dead at birth.

The locked room was opened and money of different denominations were found. she also has the building construction going on behind the clinic. The elders within her community claimed she came back to the clinic by 1am and showed them the dead baby. The DCO Ifo said while he and his team searched the clinic no baby was found. The dead body have been taken to mortuary for autopsy, the wicked must not go unpunished.”

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