Niels Hoegel: Serial Killer German Nurse To Face Trial For 97 More Deaths

by Kim Boateng Posted on March 18th, 2018

Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany : 41-year-old Niels Hoegel, the former Nurse who is serving life in prison for murdering six hospital patients with lethal drugs will face trial for 97 more deaths in October, a regional court in Oldenburg announced on Friday. This is in addition to the six murders Högel had been sentenced to life imprisonment in 2015 for.

Niels Högel who is notorious for killing dozens of patients because “he was bored,” confessed to injecting his patients with lethal drugs that resulted in heart failure and other critical conditions. He then tried to bring his victims back to life in order to appear as a savior before the hospital’s management.

The killer himself admitted that he acted so because he was bored and felt joy when he managed to reanimate a patient. However, that appeared to be just the tip of an iceberg, as the trial saw Hoegel’s confession in giving drugs overdoses to 90 patients, 30 of which were fatal. Following the nurse’s admission, an investigation was launched into some 130 suspected deadly cases.

In August, authorities said they believed the nurse had killed at least 86 people, while toxicological tests of 41 others were pending.

“Eighty-four killings… leave us speechless,” the Oldenburg police chief, Johann Kuehme, said at the time. “As if that were not enough, we have to accept that the real scale of the killings is probably many times worse,” he said, adding that some of Hoegel’s victims had been cremated.

The death toll has now risen, as authorities said the nurse could be involved in 38 cases in an Oldenburg clinic and 62 in a Delmenhorst hospital. Yet the number could go up still further, as investigators are waiting for more remains to be exhumed in Turkey

German law-enforcement agencies called his case “unique in the history of the German republic.”

In 2017 a police investigation came to a conclusion that he was responsible for at least 90 deaths. The exact number of his victims may forever remain unknown.

In March 2018, Munich police detained another male nurse, the 36-year-old Grzegorz Stanislaw Wolsztajn on suspicion of killing his patient, an 87-year-old retiree, with insulin shots in February.

Police stated that Wolsztajn confessed to stealing about 1,210 euros ($1,500) and two debit cards from the elderly man.
German authorities are currently investigating his case and assume that the man may have been involved in other suspicious deaths under similar conditions.

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