Nurse, William George Davis, Charged With Murder Of Patient(s) At Texas hospital

by Kim Boateng Posted on April 12th, 2018

Tyler, Texas, USA: William George Davis, 34, a former nurse who was fired last month, is being held at the Smith County Jail on a murder charge – with a $2 million bond – after one patient died and two others slipped into vegetative states at Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital in Tyler. The Texas Board of Nursing in March suspended Davis’ license after determining he entered three patients’ rooms and “performed an intervention” that either killed or critically harmed them. Tyler police chief, Jimmy Toler, announced, Wednesday, that William George Davis will likely face additional charges for hurting other patients in six other cases.

Owen Heart Hospital, part of Christus Mother Frances Hospital system where Davis had worked since 2013, fired him in February.

Police said that prior to coming to Christus, Davis had worked at another hospital for two years, but did not offer any information on where that hospital was located.

William George Davis was arrested and charged with murder for the August death of 47-year-old Christopher Greenaway. Police say aggravated assault charges could also be filed against Davis. The alleged victim, Greenaway was a pilot and a decorated veteran who had served in the U.S. Army and had received several awards.

Police did not offer details on what authorities allege Davis did to Greenaway or other patients at Christus Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler or if he targeted any of the individuals. The police however dismissed “any indications” of assisted suicide.

The seven cases connected to Davis date back to June 2017 and all took place at the hospital where he worked, Police said.

The hospital approached authorities in January “with concerns that a nurse may have been involved in causing harm to patients,” Toler said. “These patients were experiencing unexplained symptoms inconsistent with their treatment and recovery.”

In an order issued last month that suspended Davis’ license, The Texas Board of Nursing said the ex-nurse entered three patients’ rooms at the Owen Heart Hospital, part of Christus Mother Frances Hospital system, and “performed an intervention” that either killed or critically harmed them. The hospital fired Davis in February.

The license suspension order – by the Texas Board of Nursing – does not specify what Davis is alleged to have done to a patient on Aug. 4, but says “the patient immediately deteriorated from their stable condition” and died two days later of an embolism and other complications. The patient was not under Davis’ care and he neither mentioned to the patient’s assigned nurse that he intervened nor did he document it.

He’s accused of going into other patients’ rooms, once in November and again in January, and taking “unnecessary and/or inappropriate” actions that led two patients to fall into vegetative conditions. He wasn’t assigned to care for either patient.

When questioned by administrators following the January incident, Davis said he “silenced an IV that was beeping,” pumped up a pressure bag and took other actions, according to his suspension order.

An investigation began in January when administrators identified “an unusual and unexplained patient outcome. We believe the issues with Mr. Davis were isolated to him and he acted independently and of his own accord,” the statement said.


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