Patient Dumping By Maryland Hospital Captured On Video

by Kim Boateng Posted on January 12th, 2018

Baltimore, Maryland : A viral video of a hospital patient, wearing only a thin hospital gown and socks, who was left in the cold at a bus stop by security guards outside University of Maryland Medical Center, has caused outrage.

The hospital is now being accused of “patient dumping,” which often involves homeless patients or other people who are uninsured or have financial issues.

Imamu Baraka who captured the incident in Baltimore on video Tuesday night saw the hospital’s security guards wheel the woman to the bus stop and leave her there along with her bags of belongings, with temperatures in the low 30s.

“Are you unable to speak?” Baraka asks the woman in the video. “Why don’t you sit down, ma’am? You don’t look well. Come and sit down.”

Baraka questions the guards leaving her at the bus stop and is told the woman was “medically cleared.”

He called an EMS unit, which ended up taking the woman back to the same hospital according to reports.

In a statement, hospital officials say they “share the shock and disappointment.”

“In the end we clearly failed to fulfill our mission with this patient,” the statement says.

The hospitals says it is “conducting a thorough review” and that personnel action is possible.

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