RELOCATES TO CANADA: Married Nigerian Doctor Loses UK Licence For Stalking Female Patient.

by Samuel Abasi Posted on June 1st, 2017

A Nigerian physician has relocated to the Toronto metro area in Canada after he lost his UK Licence for allegedly stalking a female patient and other unprofessional conduct. 40 year old, Dr Chizoba Christopher Uzoh, a married father of two, who now practices at the Cloverdale Medical Centre in Etobicoke, Ontario Canada was also suspended from his job in the UK for allegedly stalking a female patient prompting his relocation to Canada. Dr Chizoba Christopher Uzoh is the author of one of Amazon bestsellers, a fiction novel “The Sectarist: The Next Era”

Dr Chizoba Christopher Uzoh, who was a GP from Great Sankey, near Warrington, Cheshire, began to pelt the female patient with unwanted and unreplied text messages after getting her address and phone number from medical records.
The lady had come in for an appointment with Dr Chizoba Christopher Uzoh, after complaining of abdominal pain

Going by the pseudonym Chris Uzzi, Dr Chizoba Christopher Uzoh was unrelenting as he sent her texts, flowers, unreplied phone calls,voice messages etc between March and May of last year. He would frequently leave the patient a voice mail saying he wanted to ‘hear her voice before he went to work’, none of which she replied to.

At a point he sent flowers accompanied with love cards to her address with a note where he described himself as an handsome guy with huge earning potential. When the lady did not reply, an obviously frustrated Dr Chizoba Christopher Uzoh (AKA CHRIS UZZI) wrote:

‘How is it possible that a good looking guy who is a doctor, who has a job with huge earning potential, who was the best graduating doctor in his medical school, who started out as a urological surgeon with several well-cited scientific publications, who thinks you beautiful and special, who wants you – and you wouldn’t give him a chance? I’ve been in a Toronto and I couldn’t stop thinking about you.’

The patient eventually complained to Dr Chizoba Christopher Uzoh’s colleagues at the Murdishaw Health Centre in Runcorn and they reported him to the General Medical Council.

During the proceedings, she told the tribunal:

“Everyday I looked at my phone there was something from him whether it be a text message, missed call or a voicemail message.As soon as I knew the flowers had been sent I knew that they would be from Dr Uzoh – there weren’t many people who knew my address at the time.

I felt sick because I live on my own and nobody knew my address apart from my family and I was scared because he had got my records so what was to say he wouldn’t turn up at my door. That feeling lasted several months. It wasn’t long after that I text him to tell him not to contact me but then five months later he contacted me again”

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester, suspended Dr Chizoba Christopher Uzoh from practise in Britain for 12 months after he was found guilty of misconduct.

This is coming on the heels of the very recent case of a 59-year-old Nigerian Senior Surgeon, Dr Lawal Haruna, who reportedly removed a woman’s ovary accidentally instead of her appendix has been struck off after being branded a ‘danger to patients. He allegedly botched up three operations over the course of two years including removing a woman’s ovary because he said the appendix and fallopian tubes were similar ‘worm-like structures’ in the same area.

The unnamed woman, known as Patient B, was treated by him when she was admitted for abdominal pain while he was working for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

During the operation, one of her ovaries was removed leaving her appendix – which was causing her great pain – in situ. A tribunal heard how it was lucky she was not of child-bearing age as it could have affected her fertility.

Dr Haruna botched up two further operations mistaking a lump of fat for an appendix in one case and a skin tag for a harmful lump in another. Colleagues described the operations as poorly executed and ‘never events’. Haruna who claims to have 25 years experience later dismissed the incidents as ‘trifling errors’ and said the appendix and fallopian tubes were similar ‘worm-like structures which lie in a similar area.

The surgeon, who represented himself, told the Manchester hearing he had ‘poor vision’ at the time he carried out the surgery and claimed it would be ‘harsh’ to strike him off. But at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service a disciplinary panel found him guilty of misconduct and banned him from treating patients.

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