US Based Nigerian Visits Texas Mayor With Her Triplets After 10 Yrs Of “Barrenness”

by Kim Boateng Posted on August 16th, 2017

MANSFIELD, TEXAS. A US Based Nigerian woman simply identified as Henrietta was all smiles and in an elated mood as she paid a visit to her US hometown Mayor, David Cook, Mayor of Mansfield, Texas. The woman who welcomed a set of triplets after more than a decade of barrenness visited Mayor David Cook along with her bundles of joy.

Sharing the good news after her delivery, she wrote;

“Thanks everyone for your love and prayers. I am truly overwhelmed. It has not been an easy ride, but I’m thankful to God that makes all things beautiful in his time, for honoring me. After more than a decade of waiting on him for the fruit of the womb, he’s has made my quiver full of children. To all those who may be going through a similar journey, hold on and hold firm to God. I am a testimony that God answers when we call, no matter how long it takes. #proudmamaofboys#Godschild#iyaibeta# Godovereverything”

Photo: Henrietta, with her triplets and Mansfield Mayor David Cook

Mansfield is a suburban city located mostly in Tarrant county, with small parts in Ellis and Johnson counties in the U.S. state of Texas. It is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. David Cook was first elected Mayor in 2008 and is currently serving his fourth term as Mayor.

In a related development:

“Barren” Ghanaian-American Woman, 59, Gives Birth After Close To 40 Yrs Of Marriage

59 year old Ghanaian-American woman, Akosua Budu Amoako and her husband tried during nearly four decades of marriage, to have a child, without success. But Akosua Budu Amoako, at age 59, has given birth to her first child after fertility treatments. The full-term 7-pound, 4-ounce boy was born June 15 at Bellevue Woman’s Center in Niskayuna, near Albany. He’s named after his father, Isaiah Somuah Anim, also 59 years old.

“They’re doing super, very well. The couple are so happy about the whole thing.” Dr. Khushru Irani, who delivered the baby, reportedly said on Monday.

Budu said she and her 59-year-old husband, who live in Schenectady, had tried for years to get pregnant naturally after they married 38 years ago, but they eventually stopped trying. Then last year, after learning that a 60-year-old woman in the couple’s homeland of Ghana gave birth to triplets after fertility treatments, the couple, both medical professionals at a local hospital, decided to try once again to have a child.

Dr. Khushru Irani from his office in Niskayuna, New York, said he was apprehensive at first, noting the risks of complications that can arise from giving birth at such an advanced age.
“Initially, when I saw her, I’m saying no, it’s not a good idea for your health to have a baby at your age,” the doctor said. “But they were very insistent and they wanted to try it out.”

Isaiah Somuah Anim, 59, his wife Akosua Budu Amoako, 59, and son Isaiah Somuah Anim, Jr.

Budu underwent in vitro fertilization at an Albany-area clinic using her husband’s sperm and a donor egg. The entire process, from initial screening to successful fertilization, cost $20,000 and took about a year, Isaiah Somuah Anim, 59, said.
“We haven’t gotten much sleep, but I feel fine and I think he already knows our voices,”

The couple, who came to the United States in 2005, are naturalized U.S. citizens.
“And our son is born an American, and a New Yorker,” Isaiah Somuah Anim, 59,said.

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