Video: Doctor Removes Live Tick From Deep Inside Patient’s Ear

by Kim Boateng Posted on October 17th, 2018

A Malaysia doctor shared video of an unusual procedure that resulted from a live tick being found in a patient’s ear canal.

The video shows Dr. Rahmat Omar, 49, an ear, nose and throat surgeon in Kuala Lumpur, removing the tick from deep inside a patient’s ear canal.

Omar said he was shocked when he discovered the foreign object inside the patient’s ear was a live tick.

“The patient was in a lot of discomfort, they were so happy when I removed it,” the doctor said. “It’s certainly the first time I have ever seen this and I hope I never have to do this again!”

Just last week, a doctor in Vietnam was filmed pulling a “strange creature” that appears to be a large leech out of a patient’s nose.

The video, filmed at an ear, nose and throat doctor’s clinic in Lao Cai, shows the doctor using instruments to reach for an object deep inside a patient’s nose.

The doctor eventually removes the object, which is revealed to be a squirming creature that appears to be a large leech.

The patient and witnesses laugh with surprise at the size of what the filmer called a “strange creature.”

Earlier this year, a doctor in China used tweezers to reach into a patient’s ear and pulled out the cause of his discomfort — a live cockroach.

A video recorded at a hospital in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, shows the doctor using an otoscope to peer into the man’s ear after he came in complaining of discomfort.

The doctor then uses tweezers to pull a live cockroach out of the patient’s ear. The insect can be seen still moving one removed from the ear.

The patient, surnamed Li, said the roach must have climbed into his ear while he was sleeping.

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