[VIDEO, PHOTOS] Nigerian Arrested For SAUDI Police Attack

by Ike Obudulu Last updated on August 13th, 2017,
[VIDEO, PHOTOS] Nigerian Arrested In SAUDI ARABIA For Attacking Police Officer. Police in Jeddah have arrested seven men, including a Nigerian national suspected of attacking a police officer for preventing them from driving their all-terrain vehicles at the corniche, Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, March 7th.

The alleged attackers were identified as Majid Sadiq Alrushaidi, an 18-year-old Saudi national and the alleged assailant who ran over the policeman; Husain Abdulkareem, a 25-year-old Chadian national, who holds no personal identification card; Haroun Adam Kooper, a Nigerian and holder of a residency card and Yacoub Ahmad Mohammad Abdulfatah, a 28-year-old Yemeni national, who holds a visitor’s card. The officers were attacked around 5pm on Tuesday while on duty around Corniche area.

Makkah Police Spokesman, Col. Atti bin Attiah Al-Quraishi, said,
“They spotted several motorcyclists disturbing the public order and threatening the safety of picnickers. When the authorities addressed the situation, the offenders attacked one of the security members and deliberately ran him over with the motorbike. The bikers also attacked one private security guard when he tried to help the security member. Their actions resulted in injuries among the security members, who were moved to the hospital for treatment.”

The men reportedly confessed their crimes and said that two others were also involved – Wajdi Naser Ali Basabreen, a 24-year-old Yemeni national and illegal resident in the Kingdom and Hassan Ali Musa, a 20-year-old Chadian national, also an illegal resident.

Al-Quraishi said that security authorities would not be tolerant and would not allow any actions or practices that would disrupt public order, endanger the safety of people, or cause chaos.
They warned that anyone who might attempt to undertake such actions that authorities would not be lenient and the law will be enforced.


Ike Obudulu

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