AGAIN: Police Uncover Yet Another Ritualist Den In Lagos, Nigeria

by Bamidele Ogunberu Posted on August 11th, 2017

LAGOS, NIGERIA. Coming a few days after a ritualist den was discovered along Lagos/ Abeokuta expressway, Obadeyi Bus stop, Ijaiye, Nigeria Police has uncovered yet another den at Ikeja Lagos between Ile-Zik and Mangoro bus stops. An RRS officer on patrol around Ile-Zik reportedly called the office around 10:30 a.m. yesterday on the discovery of an object suspected to be human flesh around the area. The flesh later confirmed to be human liver which he found opposite a disused drainage in the area led to the discovery of the ritualist den .

The Commander, ACP Tunji Disu, repotedly deployed plainclothes officers to check it for further investigations and they came up with more reports which instigated the deployment of more plainclothes officers to keep surveillance on the area.

At around 3:00 p.m. distress calls on further discoveries were received at the RRS HQ compelling a full deployment of officers.

Further search of the environment lend credence to the suspicion with the sighting and subsequent arrest of an erstwhile mentally sick man with an iphone.

Ritualist Den found at Ikeja Lagos between Ile-Zik and Mangoro bus stops

Three other suspects were arrested after the search by senior police officers of all the underground drainage channels around the area.

Those arrested were taken to the police station to the area to prevent them from being lynched by the mob.

The large crowd, believing that some of the ritualists might be hiding in a warehouse around the area invaded the premises in attempt to ransack it . They were repelled by the police. Thereafter, a team of volunteers were allowed to search the building and brief those outside.

Some hoodlums, who wanted to cease the opportunity to loot the warehouse broke the wall into the warehouse.

Senior police officers at the scene included ACP – Ops, ACP Biodun Alamutu, Commander RRS, ACP Tunji Disu, Commander Area G and DPOs around the area.

Recall that An underground ritual den has been allegedly uncovered along the Lagos/ Abeokuta expressway, Obadeyi Bus stop, Ijaiye just a few days back. One of the ritualists had grabbed a woman who screamed at the top of her voice.. Which then attracted the attention of a street sweeper, early in the morning.

The street sweeper also raised an alarm which brought a cord to the scene leading to the discovery of the den. One of the suspected ritualists was caught and burnt alive and it was discovered that the place was filled with human remains.

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