CAMBODIA – 3 Nigerian Men & Female Viet Accomplice Arrested For Alleged Online Scams

by Kim Boateng Posted on August 1st, 2017

3 Nigerian nationals and their female Vietnamese accomplice have been arrested in Phnom Penh, cambodia for allegedly running various online scams. The Nigerian nationals, Maduabuchukwu Ajaere, Nwabueze Daniel, Nwabueze Odiwomma and accomplice vietnamese woman, Dang Thi Tien arrested on Sunday, July 30, were also found to be residing in the country illegally at the time of their arrest.

They have been sent to the immigration department for processing in addition to their upcoming trials for alleged online scams.

Maduabuchukwu Ajaere, Nwabueze Daniel, Nwabueze Odiwomma and Dang Thi Tien arrested in Cambodia

Two Nigerians Sentenced in Cambodia  to life imprisonment for drug trafficking

The two Nigerian men arrested in Cambodia with 1.27 kilograms of cocaine were sentenced on Wednesday, May 24th, to life imprisonment and an approximately $10,000 fine.

Y Rin, a spokesman for the municipal court, said that the sentence for the two men – Okafor Ifeanyi Anthony, 42, and Adibe Paschal, 33 – was based on Article 40 of the Anti-Drug Law.

“Based on the law, the court allows them to appeal the conviction,” he said.

2 Nigerians arrested at Phnom Penh International Airport in Cambodia with 1.27 kg of cocaine

Two alleged Nigerian drug traffickers, Anthony Ifeanyi Okafor and Paschal Adibe were arrested at the Phnom Penh International Airport in Cambodia after they tried to smuggle 1.27 kilograms of cocaine into the country. Okafor allegedly swallowed the drugs and flew into the country aboard a Qatar Airways flight after a transit in Dubai while his accomplice Adibe waited for him at the airport where they were arrested during a check by Narcotic officials.

The suspects who were arraigned before a Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, were remanded in prison custody by the presiding judge, Heng Kesro, who adjourned the matter to clarify the relationship between the men. Okafor told officials that he was asked to swallow the drugs which were in capsules by a man in Nigeria named Nandy who allegedly told him to bring the drugs to a man called Okata who lives in Cambodia.

“Nandy said Okata will give me food to eat in order to get the drugs out, and he will give me $8,000 as a transportation fee,” Okafor had allegedly confessed.

Anthony Ifeanyi Okafor and Paschal Adibe sentenced to life in prison

The second suspect, Adibe, however, denied any knowledge of the drugs, claiming that he met Okafor for the first time at the Phnom Penh airport and that he came to Cambodia to buy clothes to sell in Nigeria.

“When I was in the immigration section of the airport, I met Anthony and asked him for help to fill out the form. After passing the scan machine, they arrested us,” Adibe said in his statement.

Both suspects were transported to a jail to await their trial date while investigators are said to be on the hunt for the said Okata.

Drug trafficking in Cambodia carries a minimum sentence of 20 years imprisonment and on serving the sentence, the convict is deported if he is not a citizen.

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