Jordan Witmer: Pennsylvania gunman kills 3 at hotel bar

by Kim Boateng Posted on January 25th, 2019

Four people are dead after a gunman, Jordan Witmer, opened fire at a hotel bar near near a university campus in Pennsylvania, killing two men and wounding a woman before turning the gun on himself.

State College Police Chief John Gardner said they are still trying to determine why Jordan Witmer, 21, of Bellefonte, reportedly in the military, opened fire inside a bar, shooting the two men he apparently didn’t know.

Witmer then shot and wounded Nicole Abrino, his former girlfriend.

Police were called to PJ Harrigan’s Bar and Grill in State College, about three kilometres from Penn State’s campus on Friday night (Thursday local time).

Penn State students took to Twitter to voice their anger that there was “an active shooter” on the streets and Penn State University Police had failed to send out an alert.

Brae Sullivan posted: “There was an active shooter in state college and penn state university police did not and STILL have not notified any of the students about it. absolutey ABSURD that i had to find out my information from GROUPME”.

my brother is literally staying in the hotel that’s part of the active shooting in state college rn and you know what this man does… snapchats me to tell me about it and says “i have a gun too it’s okay” — Kimmy Harker (@Kimmy_Harker) January 25, 2019

Dean Beachy, 62, of Millersburg, Ohio, died at the scene, and Beachy’s 19-year-old son Steven Beachy died at a hospital.

Ms Abrino was shot in the chest and remains at a Pittsburgh hospital.

Witmer then fled the bar, crashed his vehicle and broke into a home by shooting out a sliding glass door, Police Chief Gardner said.

Inside, he fatally shot homeowner George McCormick, 83, before turning the gun on himself. Mr McCormick’s distraught 80-year-old wife barricaded herself in a room and called 911.

There was no relationship between Witmer and Mr McCormick, and officials believe he chose the home at random, police said.

There was never any threat to Penn State or its students, he added.

They are still gathering information about the shooter, whom he described as being in the military.

Family members told WNEP-TV that Dean Beachy was an auctioneer and that he and his son were in State College for a horse auction.

Less than a day after a Bellefonte man went on a shooting spree in State College — shooting five and killing four people, including himself — local residents expressed shock and sadness that the area known as “Happy Valley” could suffer such violence.

“It’s not something that happens every day. Quite frankly, it’s shocking and it’s disturbing,” State College police chief John Gardner said during a press conference early Friday morning after the shooting. “We like to think of this place as Happy Valley and we like to think these things can’t happen here, but one of the things it does make you realize is that it can happen here and it does happen here. I guess maybe it’s a sign of the times of the world we live in.”

According to a State College Police Department press conference Friday, Witmer was an infantryman in the U.S. Army, but it is not known if he was active duty or had ended his service at the time of the shootings.

A 2014 graduate of Bellefonte Area High School, who wished to remain anonymous, said she attended high school with Witmer. He was one grade below her.

“He always seemed to be the one kid that you just knew was going to be successful in whatever it is that he put his mind to,” she wrote in an email. “You would always see him around laughing with his friends.”

Sharon Royer, Benner Township secretary and treasurer, said she knew of the Witmer family.

No one expected anything like this from a person in the community, she said.

“It’s kind of a sinking feeling,” she said.

Residents who lived near the area where Witmer crashed his car and broke into a house on Tussey Lane, shooting and killing McCormick, said they felt shock and sadness that a crime so violent could happen in their neighborhood.

“I was pretty much asleep when it happened, but I can say it’s very scary when it hits close to home,” said Iris Lin, a resident of Briarwood Apartment & Townhomes, near the crash scene.

And while the incident occurred in a public place and involved more people, District Attorney Bernie Cantorna said it has parallels to another Centre County murder.

Charles McGhee killed his wife in June 2017 and then intentionally set the house on fire, which awoke his daughter. Bellefonte police said McGhee was “startled” when he saw her so — like Witmer — he drove away from the scene and ultimately crashed his vehicle.

“It’s not unusual in a homicide case where the individuals who were involved to know each other,” Cantorna said. “So that’s a similarity. And we have someone who fled a crime scene and crashed and was apprehended and that is similar to the McGhee case.”

In a statement issued Friday morning, Bellefonte Area School District reminded parents that counselors are available to support students needing to talk about the shootings.

“In light of last night’s tragic events in State College, we want to take a moment to reassure you of the safety of your children, our students, when at school. Although there is no longer any danger associated with last night’s events, we know the information relayed through the news media can cause anxiety and emotional response,” the statement read. “Our hearts go out to the victims and their families. Again, please know our students’ safety is our primary concern.”

State College Mayor Don Hahn expressed sympathy for the shooting victims and concern about unanswered questions surrounding Thursday night’s incidents.

“Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims of last night’s tragedy,” he said. “I understand that the shooter ultimately shot himself. While it ended the immediate threat, it also removed a source of potential answers to a multitude of questions raised by last night’s tragedy. I commend the police department and emergency responders for their work under these difficult circumstances.”

Due to the violent nature of the crime and the suicide of the shooter, Gardner said law enforcement “are going to be weeks and months following up on this.”

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