Nigerian 419 “Romeo” Arrested For Swindling Vulnerable Women In India

by Kim Boateng Posted on August 18th, 2017

The Thane Police, in Gurugram, India has arrested a 33-year-old 419 “Romeo”, Nigerian national, Earnest Usunobun for defrauding women on matrimonial website. A victim, 40-year-old woman reported to the Kasarvadavali police in April, saying she was cheated of Rs 3.59 lakh. Earnest has assumed the identity of one Adinath P. and approached her on a matrimonial website, Thane police said. Two other women have also accused 419 “Romeo”, Earnest Usunobun of the same.

“After two weeks of talking to her, he claimed he was coming to Mumbai from Canada. He later said he was at Delhi Airport and needed to exchange $40,000, but he did not have the Indian currency to pay the tax for the same. He then asked her to send the required amount, which was Rs 3.59 lakh.
“Once he got the money, he switched off his mobile phone and did not reply to the woman’s messages. So, she registered a case with the Kasarwadavli police station and accordingly the cyber cell started the investigation,” said a senior official from Thane police.

The Thane cyber-crime investigation led the arrest of 419 “Romeo”, Earnest Usunobun . The Thane cyber cell got the login details for 419 “Romeo”, Earnest Usunobun’s account from the matrimonial site and approached an Internet Service Provider.

Photo: Earnest Usunobun

419 “Romeo”, Earnest Usunobun was arrested on August 9, in a Honda Civic car, with two forged passports and one original was found in his possession.

“We got the mobile number and other details and found him to be in Gurugram. With the help of local police, we reached his building and waited for him downstairs,” said Sanjay Sawant, senior police inspector, Thane cyber crime.

“He was arrested on August 9, around 9.30pm. We also found a Honda Civic, which he bought from the woman’s cash. He had two forged passports and one original. When we checked his phone, we found that he was in the process of cheating more women. We contacted the women and informed them about him.He is in custody now and we are checking how many women he has cheated in the past. More accused are expected to be arrested, as there is a complete chain of the people working in the process,” said Sandeep Bhajibhakre, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Thane cyber cell.

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