Nigerian Faces 5 Yr US Jail For ID Theft, Forgery, Concealing Stolen property

by Kim Boateng Posted on September 4th, 2017

Keweenaw County, Michigan, USA. Sept 3rd: Nigerian national, Abramson Abdullah Adekola, 22, is currently in the Houghton County Jail on a $50,000 cash bond for allegedly being part of a criminal enterprise involving the theft of personal information from individuals which was then used to make fraudulent purchases on-line. The stolen property was being sent to Adekola’s place of employment in Keweenaw County where he would process the items.

Abramson Abdullah Adekola was taken into custody without incident by Law enforcement officers in Keweenaw County on August 24th 2017 and charged with forgery, receiving and Concealing Stolen property over $1000.00 but less than $20,000.00. This charge is a five year felony. Several items of stolen property including electronics have been recovered by the Sheriff’s Office.

Photo: Abramson Abdullah Adekola

Adekola was arrested following an investigation into an identity fraud and stolen property processing operation, according to reports.

Adekola is in the United States on a work visa. It is believed that other persons involved are located in one or more foreign countries and at least one other state. The Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Office is reportedly in contact with various federal agencies in this matter.

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