Nigerian Lady Gets 30 Months UK Jail For Keeping Teen As Slave For More Than 10 Yrs

by Bamidele Ogunberu Posted on October 8th, 2017

London, UK: Afolake Adeniji, 50, a UK-based Nigerian fraud investigator is to spend the next two and a half years in jail for tricking a teenage girl into flying to Britain to be her personal slave for more than a decade.

Afolake Adeniji was said to have persuaded Iyabo Prosper to fly to London from Nigeria in 2003 when she was 13.

She had been promised a better life and free education at Adeniji’s home in Beckton, east London.

But instead, she was forced to wake up at 5.30am every day to look after Adeniji’s children before spending the rest of her day cooking and cleaning for her family.

Prosecutor Irshad Sheikh told the court that Iyabo “was completely submissive to the defendant and her family and any confidence she had was lost and ebbed away.

“Effectively that was what she was living – the life of domestic servitude.’

“It soon became apparent that Iyabo had become miserable, had become extremely depressed, was having negative thoughts and suicidal ideas.’

Miss Prosper, now 27, claimed Adeniji’s verbal abuse has left her with post traumatic stress disorder.

She summoned the courage to tell a friend how she was being treated and Adeniji was arrested in October 2014.

Afolake Adeniji was convicted of arranging or facilitating the travel of Miss Prosper to the UK for exploitation but cleared of inflicting grievous bodily harm, following her victim’s claims of being given post traumatic stress disorder.

Judge Stephen Robbins in his judgement said of Adeniji: “You subjected a young girl to a life of domestic servitude for a lengthy period of years.

“You used her for your own ends. You exploited her.”

Afolake Adeniji was, until her conviction by the the Southwark Crown Court, London, a worker in the fraud department at Plaistow Job Centre in east London.

During her trial, Afolake Adeniji tried to convince the court that Iyabo was “part of a loving family.”

Afolake Adeniji said: “She was part of a loving family. She’s making up all these stories. I did not need her to help me. Everything was already in place before she arrived. All I did was just to help Iyabo.”

Afolake Adeniji also claimed she got to know Miss Prosper through her older brother, who was working for her parents.

Mr. Sheikh suggested he was also working as a ‘houseboy’ but Afolake Adeniji stood by the fact he wasn’t, saying he was “like a son to my parents.”

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