Nigerian Man In The US Allegedly Rapes Woman In His Place Of Work

by Kim Boateng Posted on May 5th, 2017

RALEIGH A 53-year-old man who police said worked at a group home was arrested Tuesday after he molested a 47-year-old woman who lives there, according to charges they filed.

Police accused Nnamdi Godson Nwankwo of Rolesville of second-degree forcible rape and saxual activity by a substitute parent. Both charges are felonies.

Records show that police arrested Nwankwo on Merrell Drive in Raleigh at about 10 a.m. Police said the incident happened earlier yesterday.

Police did not identify the home where the woman lives.

Alert Raleigh police officers say they discovered the rape of a group home resident while investigating a suspicious car.

A Raleigh Police Department spokeswoman says two officers noticed the car in the 200 block of Merrell Drive in East Raleigh.

It’s not clear what they saw, but after investigating they charged Nnamdi Nwankwo under a North Carolina law that includes saxual activity by a custodian.

According to an arrest warrant, Nwankwo was having “saxual intercourse with … a resident of a group home that he is an employee at and has custody of the victim…”

Police haven’t released the name of the group home.

It’s not clear why the resident and the suspect were in a car together away from the group home.

Nwankwo is in the Wake County jail.

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