Nigerian Sax Worker Sentenced For Soliciting Malaysia Policeman, Misuse Of Student Visa

by Kim Boateng Posted on September 16th, 2017

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Sept 15th: A 27-year-old Nigerian woman was sentenced to a fine of 2,000 Malaysian ringgit (equivalent to Rp6.3 million) in default of three months’ jail by the Kuala Lumpur State magistrate’s court Judge Mahyudin Mohamad Som in Kualar Lumpur for offering commercial s*x services to a police officer named Mohamad Musa Mohamad Kadam and abusing her student visa.

Aitimon Ruth Efe pleaded guilty when the charges were read to her before magistrate Mahyuddin Mohamed Som here today.

The mother of one was charged with soliciting for the purpose of pros***ution by saying “Hey, brother… want s*x with me? RM200” to corporal Mohamad Musa Mohamad Kadam in Bukit Bintang on Sept 6. 27-year-old woman requested a fee worth 200 ringgit (equivalent Rp630 thousand) so that the police can enjoy the beauty of her body

The defendant violated Article 377B of the Malaysian Penal Code (KUHP) with a maximum penalty of one year imprisonment and or a fine or both, upon conviction.

Deputy public prosecutor Nur Farah Adilah Noordin urged that the appropriate punishment be handed down to the accused.

However, Aitimon Ruth Efe’s lawyer, Norizan Yaacob, pleaded for a lenient sentence, saying this was her client’s first offence.

Judge Mahyudin Mohamad Som imposed fines worth 1,500 ringgit (equivalent to Rp 4.7 million) to Ruth Efe Aitimon in lieu of being sentenced to two months in prison for offering s*x-related services.

Photo: Police round up female commercial s*x workers in Malaysia

Judge Mahyudin Mohamad Som also imposed an additional fine of 500 ringgit (equivalent to Rp1, 6 million) in lieu of a one-month jail sentence for misuse of student visa as well as working as a pro***tute. The alleged practice of prostitution by the woman is also at the same time an abuse of permission to stay as a student in the country.

The offense committed by Ruth Efe itself took place on the sidewalk, at a pavement in Jalan Berangan off Bukit Bintang on 6 September morning local time.

Aitimon Ruth Efe paid the fine of 2,000 ringgit and was released from prison sentence.

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