Nigerian Tells India Police He is a Kingpin That Supplies Cocaine to Dealers

by Samuel Abasi Posted on September 11th, 2017

New Delhi, India. Sept 11th: The crime branch of Delhi Police has arrested alleged Nigerian cocaine Kingpin James Chima Ohima (32) who supplied drugs to cocaine dealers in Delhi and Punjab according to Delhi Police reports. 100 grams of cocaine was also recovered from James Chima Ohima at the time of his apprehension.

The crime branch of Delhi Police reportedly received intelligence on September 8, that city resident Nigerian James Aachima Ohima is going to Pitampura near Outer Road Road to supply cocaine. On strength of that information, the team staked out the area and in the evening at about five p.m., James Chima Ohima arrived there as expected. James Chima Ohima was waiting for someone there, and then the team took control of him.

Photo: Delhi Police Head Office

100 grams of cocaine was recovered from James Chima Ohima after he was apprehended and searched . James Chima Ohima confessed that for many years he has been working as a drug smuggling kingpin and and supplying drugs to smugglers in Delhi and Punjab. The drug according to James Chima Ohima is then supplied by these smugglers in Delhi and Punjab mules who take them to foreign countries.

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