(VIDEO) NO BAIL, NO BAIL: Crowds Chant At SA Court For Nigerian Pastor Accussed Of 30 Rapes

by Ike Obudulu Last updated on August 13th, 2017,

(VIDEO) NO BAIL, NO BAIL: Crowds Chant At SA Court For Nigerian Pastor Accussed Of 30 Rapes.Crowd wants no bail for controversial Nigerian televangelist and senior pastor of the Jesus Dominion International, Timothy Omotoso, who was arrested by the Hawks just after he landed at the Port Elizabeth International Airport on Thursday.

Omotoso apparently had tried to avoid arrest at the airport by first lying about his arrival times and then hiding in a toilet when he found the Hawks and armed members of the South African Police Service’s Tactical Response Team (TRT) waiting for him.

He has since hired two of the City’s top defence lawyers Alwyn Griebenow and Terry Price, who are also the legal representatives of disgraced buisness Christopher Panayiotou, who is accused of plotting the murder of his wife, Jayde, in April 2015.

The Nigerian pastor who has his base in South Africa has been accused of saxually molesting his own church members. Pastor Tim Omotoso, a Nigerian pastor in South Africa has been accused of committing heinous crimes.

The pastor is accused of molesting more than 30 young girls on the pretext of rescuing them from drugs.

Omotoso, a Nigerian national, is the leader of the Jesus Dominion International in Durban, South Africa.

Several female members of the pastor’s church have come in recent times to accuse him of luring them into his upmarket house in Durban where he proceeded to rape and abuse them. Most of the church’s members are young people, who say he has betrayed their trust.

The Nigerian evangelist came under scrutiny after his church featured on current affairs programme Special Assignment on Sunday. The programme spoke to women who claimed that they were lured into performing saxual favours for the pastor.

Police earlier said in a statement they had made contact with pastor Tim Omotoso through his attorney and his arrest was being arranged. Omotoso has been in hiding, but was finally nabbed at Port Elizabeth Airport yesterday.

Groups protesting against the pastor included people from various political parties including the Economic Freedom Fighters, African National Congress and ANC Womens’ League.

“He deserves to rot in jail he victimised very young children. A man like that cannot be out on the streets,” said EFF student commander Siyasanga Gidana.

He is expected to appear in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

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