[PHOTOS] How US Army Veteran, Chuks Okebata Was Assassinated During His Holiday In Nigeria

by Bamidele Ogunberu Last updated on May 28th, 2017,

The police is currently searching for the killers of a US Army Veteran who was shot dead during his vacation in Nigeria.

According to a source, Chuks Okebata was shot dead in an alleged case of ‘broad day light assassination.

He said:

‘My Cousin Chuks Okebata, A USA Veteran, who has spent most part of his life working and defending the United States of America.

After a very long time living in the USA, and because of the love he has for his country Nigeria and his home town (Umuduruorie Umuomumu Mbieri in Mbaitoli LGA) he started building a house at home as a bond that make him to be frequenting his mother land.

chuks sons

Just as he returned last Xmas to spend his vacation in Nigeria and also to move into his new home. At Exactly 5pm on the 12th of Jan 2017, some gun men abducted and shot him’.

chuks house

He continued to say,

for all I know about my cousin, he has always been a free, gentle, and relates to everyone irrespective of your age. He’s survived by his two lovely sons and a wife (he has been in a serious battle with his wife in the US). A bounty has been placed on anybody with any clue whatsoever that can lead to the arrest of the Hoodlums. A sum of 2.5mil Naira reward as the family is out to seek Justice for the Assassinated son.

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