246 Tonnes of Cannabis Sativa Destroyed in Nigeria’s Ekiti State – NDLEA

by Kim Boateng Posted on August 2nd, 2017

Alhaji Bage Bamaiyi, Commander, Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Ekiti State Command ‎on Tuesday, in Ado-Ekiti, said it had destroyed 246 tonnes of cannabis sativa (indian hemp, marijuana, weed) in the state.

Bage Bamaiyi said the command took necessary steps to uncover ‎17 cannabis sativa farms at Ode-Ekiti, in Gbonyin Local Government Area of state but that the peddlers were not found in their hide-outs.

“When I received information about the 17 farms, I sent my officers to place surveillance on the farms and when I got to the farms, I observed that hectares of lands were used for cultivating cannabis. Three mapped farms measures 42.66 hectares and four unmapped cannabis farms measuring 8.05 hectares were destroyed, but we are unable to destroy the remaining 10 farms due to lack of logistics. As soon as the needed logistics are available, we will visit the farms and destroy them. But cannabis sativa weighing 246 tons (205 tonnes, mapped and 41 tonnes unmapped, were destroyed in the seven farms,”

He assured the public of the command’s determination to eliminate business of planting and peddling cannabis in the state, adding that culprits would face the wrath of the law, when arrested.

Cannabis Sativa Vs Cannabis Indica

According to scientists, Cannabis sativa (and it’s close cousin cannabis indica), otherwise known as Indian hemp, is a drug obtained from the dried leaves and flowers of the hemp plant which is smoked or chewed for its psychoactive properties.

Native to the warm climates of Mexico, Central America, and Southeast Asia, Cannabis sativa is a tall, scraggly looking cannabis plant with wiry stocks and thin leaves. In contrast, it’s first cousin, Cannabis indica plants are short and bushy. Cannabis Indica leaves are usually broad and full. Cannabis Sativas and Cannabis indicas are both psychoactive varieties of the cannabis plant

The natural equatorial habitat of sativas means that these plants love the heat and the outdoors. While they normally grow between 8 and 12 feet high, a healthy sativa plant can reach up to 18 feet tall in optimum conditions. Both forms of cannabis produce euphoria and relaxation though repeated use may lead to psychological dependence.

NDLEA destroys Cannabis Sativa farms in Nigeria’s Ekiti State

Many marijuana users choose sativa when they’re looking for an uplifting and creative buzz. They prefer it to Cannabis indica “sleep effect”. The demand for Cannabis sativa also fuels the risks taken by the growers and smugglers in jurisdictions where the use of any form of cannabis is illegal.

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