Babysitter’s dog kills 6-month-old boy in North Carolina: Police

by Kim Boateng Posted on March 6th, 2019

Salisbury, North Carolina: Jacari Long, a 6-month-old boy died after being mauled by a dog at his babysitter’s home, according to Salisbury Police.

It happened around 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Police said they were notified that a child was being flown to NC Baptist Hospital for a dog bite.

After further investigation, officers discovered the incident happened at 716 Wilson Road. The babysitter sat the child down in the living room while she went out to clean out the backseat of her car so she could leave with the baby, police said.

“The babysitter heard her mother scream and ran back inside of the residence. There she found the child being attacked by her boxer/pit bull mix dog,” according to a news release.

Kendall Morris @KendallMorrisTV: Salisbury police say a six-month-old baby died after a boxer/pit bull mix dog attacked him inside this house. Police say a baby sitter sat the child down in the living room and walked outside to clean the backseat of her car when the attack happened.

The child was taken to Novant Rowan and then airlifted to Winston-Salem. Six-month-old Jacari Long died from his injuries, police said.

Rowan County Animal Control took the dog. The incident remained under investigation.

National Pit Bull Victim Awareness released a statement, saying in part, “Extensive research has been done emphasizing the dangers of pit bull type dogs and pit bull mixes in relation to infants, children, and seniors. It is clear that attacks on children tend to be spontaneous and occur in opportune moments.”

A GoFundMe campaign has been started up for Long’s funeral and memorial.

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