Forcibly Removed: Kissing Lesbian Women Disrupt Anti-Same Sax Marriage Event (Video)

by Kim Boateng Posted on September 24th, 2017

Melbourne, Australia. Sept 23: Two lesbian women locked lips on stage and had to be dragged off stage and forcibly removed after gate crashing  and disrupting an anti-same sax marriage event in Melbourne, Australia. The protesters disrupted a “no” campaigner’s speech and kept kissing as they were dragged from the stage by security at the Coalition for Marriage’s Victorian campaign launch on Saturday night. Australian Christian Lobby chief Lyle Shelton said it happened during an address by anti-same sax marriage campaigner Cella White.

A man in the crowd can be heard shouting “did you clean your teeth” during the women’s passionate embrace.

The lesbian women were dragged across a sign that read “It’s OK to vote no” before a security guard grabbed one of them around the neck.

In another picture posted on Mr Shelton’s Twitter account from the event, protesters can be seen holding up a banner in front of the stage, reading: “Burn churches, not queers.”

“Those seeking change were on message tonight, rushing the stage, acting violently & showing us what is to come. But, yeah, no consequences,” Mr Shelton wrote.

Ms Cella White, who has appeared in a Coalition for Marriage ad, is accused of falsely claiming her son was told he could wear a dress to Frankston High School.

Earlier today, a small handful of same-sax marriage opponents staged a fiery protest in the heart of Sydney’s gay district.

The Straight Lives Matter Vote No rally, organised through social media in connection with the Party For Freedom, attracted a few dozen supporters but about twice as many counter-protesters and police on Saturday afternoon. A police line separated the opposing groups who levelled verbal abuse at each other.

Cat Clayton, introduced to the crowd as the woman who helped organise the controversial “VOTE NO” skywriting above Sydney last week, told supporters plans were afoot to repeat a similar stunt.

“We do have something happening, so keep your eyes on the skies,” she said. “Any day in the next few, I hope.”

Freedom Party member Toby Cooke urged his supporters to push back against the “sick and vile homosaxual agenda” in Australian schools and universities.

“No amount of surgical mutilation by some dodgy surgeon in the Philippines can make you a woman,” he said.

“At the end of the day you’re just a very confused young man.” Mr Cooke reassured the small crowd that a silent majority would vote down same- sax marriage in the postal vote.

Photo: A security guard removes protesters who locked lips on stage after gatecrashing a Coalition for Marriage campaign launch in Melbourne

As he spoke, counter protesters led gay pride chants and waves rainbow flags on the other side of Green Park.

Some counter protesters, chanting pride messages and waving rainbow flags, said the park was chosen by the Party For Freedom because it contains the Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial and sits adjacent to St Vincent’s Hospital, which led the fight against AIDS in Australia.

Equality Campaign co-leader Alex Greenwich, who spent the day door knocking homes to talk about the postal survey, said he wouldn’t “be distracted by the actions of 20 people”.

“It is so important for the marriage equality campaign that we do not get distracted by the people who are always trying to throw red herrings,” he said.

The ABS advises any person who has not received a postal survey by Monday to contact them.

Responses are due back by November 7.

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