Gallery: Ugochi Ihezue Wins Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria MBGN

by Kim Boateng Last updated on April 8th, 2018,

Lagos, Nigeria: Miss Ugochi Ihezue representing Kebbi State has won the much converted Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, MBGN, beauty pageant. Ugochi Ihezue will represent Nigeria at the Miss World in China, November 18th. She beat other 36 contestants, from all states and Abuja, to the crown.

Other winners, of the 2017 edition, for the night include:

Miss Amity – Miss Yobe, Ndali Eno

Miss Photogenic/Congeniality – Miss Anambra, Maristella Okpala

Model of the Year – Miss Kebbi, Ugochi Ihezue

Best Costume – Miss Sokoto, Stephanie Agbasi

Best Evening Wear – Miss Bayelsa, Rebecca N Hampson

MBGN Ecowas – Miss Oyo, Emmanuella Yaboh

MBGN Tourism – Miss Plateau, Winfrey Okolo

MBGN Universe – Miss Sokoto, Stephanie Agbasi

MBGN Tourism – Miss Plateau, Winfrey Okolo

MBGN Universe – Miss Sokoto, Stephanie Agbasi

With a little digging, here’s what we’ve found out so far about the new queen.

She’s a Beth Model. She can paint – as exhibited during her talent show. She loves poetry and shares poems on her Instagram page.
Her birthday is on the 16th of August.

Here are a few reactions on the ether to her winning, including the trolls of course:

jjbest123: Wow! Congrats to her! Time to travel to more places

purplejuli: what more can i say?…she is beautiful

Geminiboy: for the first time there was transparency

Depreacherman: She is super pretty! No be all those slay Queens

SwiftME: She is really beautiful. Congrats Miss Kebbi

Divay22: Judging from her height , I knew she was gonna be the winner .. Me love it kiss
All the best to her.. But her expression when she was called as the winner was a turnoff….

Amarabae: I was thinking that miss imo or edo will win it, no one noticed this very beautiful miss kebbi, congrats

Phace: Congrats to the reigning queen, and to Miss Sokoto, the first runner-up. You guys showed some awesome elegance.

GreatEvilBeast: Meanwhile men go dey suffer dey hustle just to pay bills and all women have to do is look pretty and answer dumb questions to get a house, car and overseas travelling ticket cry
Let me see any useless feminist shouting for women equality when they are actually calling for superiority, Dont see how men are equal in this society o

quiverfull: The truth is all other tribes/regions in Nigeria need the Igbos, but they themselves must understand that they need the other tribes/regions.

Chukazu: she doesn’t represent Kebbi state in reality… someone who has never stepped foot on Kebbi stateundecided
just that they don’t have enough contestants from such States due to religious belief and they just chose mainly girls from east to “tag” them as representing so so state

cheleku(m): Why are Igbo girls always winning beauty peagents. Of course yah all know why. We have the prettiest and smartest Chics. A shame we share such beauty with peoples of different tribe that loathe the beauty , strength and intellect of the Igbo. They try to keep us down, but they forget it’s in the genes…it’s in our genes to shine. Ya haters can’t do zilch about that!

mrvitalis: Based on winners of this crown it’s safe to say Igbo girls are by far the most beautiful in Nigeria

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