GeneceBrinkley : FBI Investigating MeekMill Judge In Possible Extortion Scheme – Reports

by Kim Boateng Posted on November 14th, 2017

Washinton, DC, USA: Philadelphia Judge Genece Brinkley – who sentenced Meek Mill to two to four years for violating his probation – is being investigated by FBI, according to multiple media reports.

“The feds have an interest in the judge and [her] potential relationships. This is an investigation looking into a possible extortionate demand. Undercover agents have been in the courtroom monitoring the Meek proceedings since April 2016,” a source told New York post

Mill’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, said the judge showed “enormous bias,” including requesting that Mill sign with Philadelphia music figure Charlie Mack and drop Roc Nation, his manager at the time.

“Mack had previously told Meek how he ‘knows the judge and he could help him with his case,'” a source told the post.

Tacopina said he can’t comment on a possible FBI probe.

A representative for the FBI’s Philadelphia field office said it can neither “confirm nor deny the existence of investigations” as per Justice Department policy.

Mill had been on probation from a 2008 gun and drug case. He was arrested earlier this year after getting into a fight.

Mill plans to appeal the sentence, Tacopina said.

“(Meek’s) frustrated, really frustrated and knows he’s being treated different than anyone else,” Tacopina told CNN in an interview last week.

“If his name was John Smith, he wouldn’t be in jail and he certainly wouldn’t be on probation.”

“He’s been on probation for nearly 10 years. Nobody goes on probation for 10 years,” Tacopina added.

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