HS Student Dies In Fall From Oklahoma Stadium. Dad Says It’s Suicide

by Kim Boateng Posted on October 1st, 2017

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma: Officer James Koch of the Broken Arrow Police Department said Saturday that a 16-year-old student, Jaymeson West, has died after falling from the top of a stadium at the end of a high school football game in Oklahoma. Officer James Koch said the fall happened about 10 p.m. Friday at the Broken Arrow High School stadium as a game with a rival team was ending.

Jaymeson West’s dad says his son took his own life at Broken Arrow’s Memorial Stadium.

In a public facebook post, his dad said his son took his own life by climbing the fence at the top of the stadium and jumping.

To his friends, it doesn’t make sense. I saw him every single day and every single day he had a smile on his face,” Bonham said.

But hidden behind that big grin was something Jaymeson’s friends didn’t know – a struggle he hadn’t shared with them.

“You truly never know what someone’s going through on the inside,” said Bonham.

Jaymeson West’s dad said his son had long battled depression.

He wrote Jaymeson “Was not weak. He was not selfish. He showed more grit getting out of bed every morning than most of us have shown our whole lives.”

Broken Arrow Public Schools identified the student as Jaymeson West, a junior who played saxophone in the school band.

Broken Arrow students are remembering a friend who died after last night’s football game.

All day Saturday students stopped by the high school to leave flowers and messages for their friend, all while trying to understand themselves what happened.

“He changed everybody, he changed everybody,” Broken Arrow High School Junior Ethan Bonham said. “Kids that were really quiet, shy, he brought up with him and they opened up and somehow it seem like everyone’s grades increased when he there, like he made everyone want to try.”

As he looked at all the flowers left on a fence outside Memorial Stadium. Bonham said he’s trying to take things day by day.

“Remember the good he did,” Bonham said. “Just to honor him and the person he was. He was a great person.”

The makeshift memorial is for his friend, Jaymeson West, who was also a junior and a member of the Pride of Broken Arrow.

“He played the saxophone. He was really good at it, too,” said Bonham.

Jaymeson West’s final march with The Pride was Friday night.

The death has students thinking about changes they’ll make at school. And they’re hoping others will learn from Jaymeson and choose life instead.

“We’ll definitely be more caring to others,” Bonham said. “Please talk to someone, everyone will be there for you.”

Photo: Jaymeson West

Broken Arrow Public Schools said counselors and support staff were made available to the Pride Saturday afternoon and will continue to be available in the days ahead.

All Broken Arrow students who need support can go to the B-A-H-S Media Center from 3:00 to 5:00 pm on Sunday. The district will have counselors on campus Monday and says it will have them there as long as the students need.

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