Japan’s Princess Giving Up Royal Status To Marry Commoner Restores Our Faith In Love

by Kim Boateng Posted on September 5th, 2017

Tokyo, Japan. Sept 5th. According to the Japanese law, the female members of the Royal family have to renounce their status if they wish to marry a commoner, and The Princess Of Japan, Princess Mako, the eldest grandchild of Emperor Akihito, says that would not be a problem.

The much-in love princess was quoted saying, “I was first attracted to his bright smiles that seemed like the sun. It would be nice to have a warm and comfortable household with Mr. Komuro, so that we can make a family full of smiles.”

The princess of Japan, Princess Mako, fell in love with her classmate, Kei Komuro at Tokya International Christian University, and they started dating in December, 2013.

Recently during a press conference, the princess announced her engagement to the 25-year-old, who is currently working at a law firm, and declared that she’ll be giving up her royal status to do so.

In the 21st century, where love has been reduced to only a bookish concept or a mere release of dopamine in our bodies, this Japanese couple has turned out to be the epitome of love. While most fairy tales have princes, this one is about a Japanese princess giving up her royal status to marry the love of her life, a commoner, and this story isn’t fictional.

Photo: Princess of Japan, Princess Mako and Kei Komuro

While most of us spend our lives chasing fame and wealth, Princess Mako has set an example by valuing love over materialistic possessions.

Some love stories transcend social norms and expectations, and this is one of them. If we had to talk about an ideal fairy tale romance then it would be this Japanese story of a princess and a commoner that has reinstated our faith in love. Japan’s princess giving up her royal status to marry a commoner is a love story we all need to remind us that there is still such a thing as true love.

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