Nigerian Man In Italy Killed By Train While Wearing Earpiece

by Kim Boateng Posted on September 6th, 2017

Florence, Italy. Sept 6th: An Italy based Nigerian man, Identified as Benson Uchenna Nwughala, has been crushed to death by a train. The graduate of Banking and Finance from the University of Benin was fondly called Bun Benson. According to Reports he had an earpiece on when he attempted to cross the train track before getting crushed by a speeding train.

His friends and loved ones have since trooped in on Facebook to pay tributes.  See tributes below:

Ifedinma Jude Banks: “Nothing hurts me more than a passing fellow,i remember in high school he always had that calm approach to eveything he does and he always smiled through It all like it didnt matter,i am hurt and i have been hurt too many times this year and we are sorry distance and location brought us far apart, We love you sir good bye.”

Ifedinma Jude Banks: “Have been surfing the net to know the kind of train track that has access to where people can be in danger by just crossing it but i didnt find except for the one’s i saw in rome which wasn’t even close to the residential areas, which kind of problem is this? A guy who just spoke to me and we were talking about the good old days, was even teasing him about his hair style.”

Obi N Frankline: “My brother I still don’t want to believe you are death even though I am seen all these posts and your number have been entering voicemail I am waiting for you to prove all these news wrong. I just and still don’t want to believe you are death.”

Photo: Benson Uchenna Nwughala AKA Bun Benson

Calistus Iwunze: “Train crush him dead in Italy why his trying to cross railway putting earpiece so he couldn’t here the train in the train station #Restinpeace”

Ovieya Odoki: You usually call me your daughter, and I laugh. 2 weeks ago you bragged about how your rasta/dreadlocks have grown
longer than mine. The last message you sent to me few days ago I couldn’t reply cuz I busy and forgot to respond. What happened to you Bun Benson? I saw our classmates posting R.I.P on your wall. Is this what lite is all about? It is all about Vanity upon vanity. The line between life and death is very thin. What the future holds is a story left untold. One day you are here, next you are gone. God please have mercy, console the family of Bun Benson, may his soul RIP I will miss you bun.”

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