Nigerian Man Sent To Psychiatrist For Saying Wife’s Family Fly As Birds To USA To Torment Him

by Samuel Abasi Posted on August 20th, 2017

An Nigerian man in US has been sent to the psychiatric hospital as part of the arbitration process in a divorce case in which he told court appointed arbitration attorneys that his wife and her family are witches who fly from Nigeria to the US to torment him.

This story was shared by human right lawyer and activist, Emeka Ugwuonye on social media.

In his post, Emeka Ugwuonye wrote,

“His wife filed for divorce. He came to me. I didn’t want to represent him. I sent him to another lawyer, an American. When he came to the lawyers for interview, they called him into the conference hall to talk with him and to assess his case.
They asked him to tell them the problem between him and his wife. He told them that his wife and her relatives have been trying to kill him. They asked him to explain further. He told them that his wife’s relatives use diabolical means to attack him. The lawyers got really confused. They stopped writing. They told him to please explain what he meant. He said his wife and her relatives are witches and they attack him at night.
Each lawyer went to get a cup of coffee to listen. He told them how his wife and relatives would turn into birds and flight to his bedroom and attack him at night. The lawyers asked him where those relatives of his wife lived. And the lawyers picked up their pens to write down the names and addresses of these witnesses.
The man told the lawyers that they live in Nigeria. The lawyers asked him how would they come and attack him, expecting to hear the airport they landed in. But the man was so sure of himself.
He even became argumentative and said: “Don’t you know how witches move?” The lawyers were flabbergasted. The man went on: “They fly to my house at night”.
The lawyer asked: “Okay, when they enter the United States where do they stay?”.
The man fired back: “They don’t stay. They just attack me and in the morning, they will fly back”.
The lawyer asked: “Where do they fly back to?”.
The man replied: “Nigeria”.
The lawyer had to be sure, so he asked again: “So, they fly from Nigeria to your house each night, and fly back to Africa in the morning?”.
The man said yes.
The lawyer called me to ask me if I had any objections if they sent the man to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. I told them I had no objections. That would be in his best interest.”

Nigeria Circle has not been able to independently verify this incident, but if it is confirmed, it would appear to have a semblance of a breach of ethics of the legal profession for Attorney Emeka Ugwuonye to put out on social media details of an ongoing legal case that he says he is part of, information that could be prejudicial to the outcome of the case.

Photo: Representational image of black witch

But Nigeria Circle is in the pursuit of journalistic excellence not law, so note that ours should be taken with a pinch of salt as it is just a layman’s observation, “for whatever it is worth”.

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