Nigerian Radio Presenter Slumps, Dies While On Assignment In USA

by Bamidele Ogunberu Posted on October 1st, 2017

A Nigerian journalist identified as Tijjani Ado Ahmad, has died after collapsing earlier today in America. According to his mourning friends and colleagues, Tijjani Ado Ahmad, who is the presenter of Greeting from America (on Freedom Radio, Kano) was invited by the US Embassy in Abuja to tour America and hear the stories of Nigerian students living there before his sudden death.

May his soul rest in peace. Here are reactions (unedited) on the ether to news of Tijjani Ado Ahmad passing:

AntiWailer: RIP.Please check your Blood Pressure regularly.You can have a sky rocket high BP and u will still look ok.

bedspread: Kai….. Na wa ooo Death has no respect…R-I-P brother May his family Recievce Grace to Bear the Loss

Sprumbabafather: Two things. Either he reported false news about Ipob or the good old olosho sent him to the great beyond.

Narldon: RIP.Does it mean that Village People WiFi signal can even Follow somebody to America

SalamRushdie: Another victim of Deep Vein Thrombosis …just 100 naira aspirin two day before that flight could have prevented it

Wiseandtrue: Hmmmm obviously someone does not want him to hear/publicise the tales of the Nigerian students. RIP

boldking: what are the causes and solution to this? can some please educate us on this please doctors

holatin: Death- the compulsory friend for all

cerowo: So sad…. His village pple at work, they didnt allow him to witness this new month of October… R.i.p

Incrizz: God bless your friends Addo for not posting your slumped pics all over the internet!

LaEvilIMiss: is a silent killer and up-till recently, most Nigerians were unaware of this proboem until nollywood stars started going 1 by 1 to diabetes..a per-cursor to High-blood pressure – Our carb and salt drowning diet, our love for sugary drinks that cannot be accepted elsewhere in developed nations, our poverty mentality (big belly means enjoyment) and our inability to inform the public (exept when politics is involved) will continue to kill us 1-by-1

SarkinYarki: He was killed by DVT not high blood pressure

jrusky: Yes you are damn right. Very important to check BP regularly the world is full of stress, Nigeria as a country second name is Stress. RIP.

wickyyolo: Eiyah is the weather. RIP

9jaRonin: I don’t think aspirin is the drug of choice in either the treatment or prevention of deep vein thrombosis……… If its to prevent a heart attack or a stroke, yes. But DVT or PE, hell no bros lipsrsealed
Its an anti-platelet agent that is more effective in preventing arterial clots. With regards to venous clots,results are poor.
If you are prone to DVT and you are going to be immobile for awhile (let’s say a transatlantic flight) then you should wear special elastic stockings (TED stockings) or be on a low dose of prophylactic heparin (eg SC Enoxaparin).
Let’s not misinform the public please. undecided

Photo: Tijjani Ado Ahmad

Franzinni: At least he got to the land of milk and money!!! Rest well …

9izone: I am very much sure this one is one of those who rejoyed and still rejoicing over the death of innocent unarmed Igbos that was shot dead by Nigeria army terrorist during the protest of their freedom. Now! This is how we see it…….Rest In Peace to the dead
For those who is still rejoicing and thinks they are still living and believes they are better than those Igbos that was shot death cry
Fine! But we don’t even have any idea what’s over how our own death is gonna look like

talk2percy: It was inhuman of a president to carry out a military action on harmless and armless citizens.let’s say perhaps we have grown a though skin to death, especially When he’s a Northerner.

abdulsemiu02: Every soul Shall taste death, So we should all be prepared for our own too. Tijjani is gone, he’s experiencing what any of us cannot imagine. May Allah be pleased with your soul, Rest in Peace brother in Faith.

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