Over 10000 Dazzle At the 50th Annual Caribbean Carnival Grand Parade in Toronto

by Kim Boateng Posted on August 7th, 2017

TORONTO, CANADA: It was a more than a dazzling show of colors as more than 10 thousand revelers  including Toronto Mayor John Tory,  took part in the 50th annual Peeks Toronto Caribbean Carnival Grand Parade in Toronto on Saturday, August 5. Spreading from Trinidad and Tobago and eventually to Toronto, the local celebration of Caribbean culture, music, cuisine is an event that has been embraced by Toronto and brings in many international visitors.

The Grand Parade is the largest event and the climax of the five week Toronto Caribbean Carnival which kicked off on July 4th with the junior carnival. In addition to the junior carnival for the younger ones on july 4th, the other carnivals that have taken palce in the build up to Saturday’s grand carnival are Carnival Village (Jul 15, 2017), The Art of Carnival (Jul 13, 2017), Junior Carnival and Family Day (Jul 22, 2017), Carnival Ball (Jul 28, 2017), Carnival Ball After Party (Jul 28, 2017), Lighting of the CN Tower (Aug 01, 2017), King & Queen Parade (Aug 03, 2017).

The Grand Parade is the largest event of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival. This event continues to attract local, regional, national, and international attention by visitors and media. It is the highlight of the annual five week Festival. After months of preparation, masqueraders in colourful and striking MAS costumes and steel pan bands wind their way from Exhibition Place moving east along Lakeshore Boulevard and returning to Exhibition Place. The road becomes the stage for the masqueraders and steel pan performers. The sights and sounds are nothing short of amazing.

A dazzling show of colors at Toronto Caribbean Carnival Grand Parade

The climax of the Toronto Caribbean festival started in Exhibition Place along Lake Shore Boulevard on Saturday, August 5. The 2017 parade commenced at 8:30am from the corner of British Columbia Road and Lake Shore on the west side of Exhibition Place.

The parade was led by the Guest Bands, followed by the Costumed Bands and then the Steel bands. The marchers left Exhibition Place and headed east along Lake Shore Boulevard, turning up Newfoundland Road, then westerly on Prince’s Boulevard where the Spectrum, or judging area, was setup to judge the bands.

Peeks Toronto Caribbean Carnival Grand Parade with Mayor John Tory

The order of bands is Durham Mass, Toronto Revellers, Carnival Nationz, Saldenah Mas-K club, Tribal Carnival, Atlantic Mas, Fantazia, Concepts Costume Creators, Sunlime Canada, D’Regulars and Venom.

When the last parade passed the non-masqueraders were then allowed on the route with a free daytime Blocko (block party) which took place on Lake Shore between Jameshon Avenue and British Columbia Road and continued on Lake Shore after 6:30pm.

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